How to Spot a Web Designer by a Working Space

Freelance or full-time office designers – they all have their unique working spaces full of gadgets, certain software, furniture and other important stuff that they use on a daily basis. What is it that distinguishes web designers from a crowd of the rest of IT people? I took a tour around Zfort office, asked out a few self-employed friends of mine working remotely and here is what I have discovered.

Most designers use two or more monitors, usually they are screens with different resolutions. That allows checking how the website is displayed under various conditions.

Laptops are often placed next to the stationary monitors as another type of screen resolution in addition to mobility – work can be taken any place, from home to the conference room next door.

Smartphones, usually iPhone and Android based mobile devices are must-haves – ready-made web solutions need to be tested, and these are the gadgets for it.

Tablet PC such as iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or any other kind is a device that every decent web designer would have on their desktop – yet again for the sake of testing a finished web product.

As I was collecting material for this article, I couldn’t help but notice an interesting tool on pretty much every designer’s desk – a graphics tablet. It is an absolutely necessary appliance for professional drawing, and it is also used for electronic signatures.

When it comes to software, web designers usually utilize such Adobe products as Adobe Master Collection Creative Suite 6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Adobe Indesign CS6. Corel Draw and Gimp are widely used as well.

Big corner table or just a large table with a lot of space for all of the mentioned gadgets and devices is one common thing I’ve seen about all the designers.

They also like to be sitting in a good comfortable chair and use a wireless keyboard.

Web designers are a creative crowd. Delivering web design and development services they along with the rest of the IT people, however, do not forget to build their own little worlds where it is never boring to work, play and live. They even have their own language – I can guarantee that if a non-IT everyman happens to hear a couple of designers or developers discussing a standard working situation, they will most likely not understand a word from that talk! Often a web designer’s working place is filled with a special flavor of each particular person’s tastes and visions, and you can always find something to go by.

Elena Bizina has come through an exciting path from teaching English to all age groups, toward IT Sales and Marketing. Now she is enjoying a part time writer’s job and a full time motherhood. Elena particularly loves foreign languages and traveling and plans to carry on with these hobbies in the nearest future. She holds a position of a Copywriter at

Zfort Group

, an IT Outsourcing service provider.


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  • Jake

    Great article and some good examples of Workspace in the photos, I wish my workspace looked like some of these 🙂

    • Everyone’s wish to have such workspace 🙂