HTML Entity Error That You Hate To Face Again

Oh my god not again. These could be your expression when you stare appallingly at the source code of a beautiful website. Yes, it is the error so glaringly visible in the source page that you would wonder how the developer has managed to overlook them. But the matter of the fact is that these mistakes are usually habits that the developer might have picked up in his early days of coding career. Now, as things stand, you are also victim of this vice, though you may not aware of it. Though these errors are not serious and might not cause you a life term, you should try your best to avoid them if you are to shin as a star developer. Here we are going to include some of those common errors:

Ellipsis: Not many developers are aware of the fact that placing three dots mean more than just a pause in a sentence. In HTML, it is known as ‘ellipsis’. As a developer, we expect you not to type three dots in the HTML code to represent this. HTML has a different tag for presenting ‘ellipsis’ – …. With this glyph, you will be able to narrow down the space between the three dots. But please for God’s sake do not extend three dots to thirty dots. It will simply not work…

Plain text fractions: What you are supposed to do if you are asked to represent half quarters or three quarters in their numeric format in the HTML code? Do not ever think of presenting information this way – ½, ¾ . There are separate HTML entities available and you can give them a try. ¼, ½ and ¾ represent these numeric figures respectively as ¼, ½ and ¾.

Ampersands: Though majority of the developers are aware of using ampersand characters, they still make mistake. This will create trouble while validating HTML. Errors will crop up. So, from next time onward, you need to make sure that you are replacing & characters into & and you are done with.

Em dash and en dash: This one is a bit tough. Even I have trouble remembering when to use Em dashes and where to use En dashes. En dash or – is used to denote value and distance whereas Em dash or — is used to separate a break of thought in a sentence.

DIY Trademark symbol: You would not have to try your creativity and come up with something new for presenting the trademark symbol ™. Thankfully, HTML has a separate glyph for this – ™.

DIY Copyright symbol: Most of us are familiar with the international copyright symbol, but few of us are aware that like trademark symbol, international copyright symbol has a separate HTML entity – ©. So, you would not have to trouble your brain to bring out some ideas to present the letter C with a circle surrounding it.

Mathematics symbols: Not all the mathematical figures can be presented in plain text. For example, plus and minus symbols can easily be designed with keyboard strokes but the same thing can not be done with divide and multiply signs. You need to × and ÷ for representing × and ÷ symbols.

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