HTMLMafia Giveaway Winners Announcement

The HTML Mafia Giveaway has finally come to its end. And today I am going to announce the lucky winners of the said giveaway.

Before we come to the exciting part, the announcement of the winner, let us have one more glimpse to our generous sponsor.

HTMLMafia convert design (PSD, PNG, AI, etc.) into a hand coded compatible valid XHTML/ CSS markup. Their price concept is unique in the niche and we created it exclusively for agencies and freelancers in need of a cost effective and reliable partner. Of course, the job done by them is 100% confidential and the quality of the code they produce is their main priority. They guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our work on every project. Their service is risk free since we work under strict NDA with our clients and offer a 100% money back guarantee.

And here are the participants to the giveaway:

  1. Matt
  2. Francois
  3. Steve Robillard
  4. Sergei Tatarinov
  5. SmashingShare
  6. g3niuz
  7. Nic
  8. Swat Chap

As stated, that the winner will be selected using the random generator from

And here is the lucky winner of the Free markup service worth $138

Congratulations to Francois

And here are the lucky winners to have a 20% Discount of markup service

Congratulations to Nic and Matt

Winners will be contacted by HTMLMafia through email.

To our generous sponsor, HTMLMafia – Thank you so much.

HTML Mafia Giveaway: Free markup service worth $138 PLUS 20% Discount

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