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Being a freelance graphic artist has never been so easy these past few months. I got an email from a client who had asked me to design a flyer for their company. So negotiation for the price as to how much do the project cost started and prior closing the deal he gave me a sample of the work to be done. The design was so simple except for the font styles that he requires and the first problem that comes to my mind is on how will I identify the font. Even though I am not so familiar with the font style that he required, I still accepted the project since this will be my first time to do such challenging work.

I spent some time searching in the net trying to check if I can download the same font in front of my eyes. After spending almost an hour of continuous searching, I came across a website named After reading the type of service that they are offering, I had a feeling that I will be able to finally find the type of font that I wanted. I started to follow the steps that were indicated in their site and fortunately after placing a screenshot of the font I needed, I was able to find the exact replica of the font that I had been searching.

How to identify the font from text in an image with this 3 simple steps.

  1. Submit the image with the font you are looking for or specify a URL with the image.

    Whatfontis offers different option to display the font you’re looking for:

    • Display only free fonts or free alternative fonts( f shortcut)
    • Display only commercial fonts or commercial alternative fonts (f shortcut)
    • Display all fonts (f shortcut)
    • The background color is lighter than the characters color (b shortcut)
    • The background color is dark, please invert colors (b shortcut)
  2. Now you have to identify the characters from the extracted image.

    Click continue and wait for the magic.
  3. Viola! You are now on the final steps and the exact and nearest resemblance of the font is being displayed really exemplifies what they have been endorsing in their site that is to search directly the font that you need and with that I am truly thankful. Their site was so easy to access and to use and I really experienced the immediate identification of the font which I had been searching for hours in other sites. I really had such remarkable experience on and it gave me the confidence to accept any project from now because I know that every font style will seem to be possible from this day on with the help of their site.

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