Literal Meanings of Idioms Illustrated by Keren Rosen

When you take English words and sayings too literally and put them into illustration the output will surely a big hit humor that will bring smiles through the day.

Keren Rosen has an ongoing series of illustrations in which she play with idioms and proverbs. Her artwork has attracted attention across the universe of Internet when it was posted via 9gag and then it was picked up by other top blogs and websites.

Here are some of those illustrations:

keren-rosen01 keren-rosen02 keren-rosen03 keren-rosen04 keren-rosen05 keren-rosen06 keren-rosen07 keren-rosen08 keren-rosen09 keren-rosen10 keren-rosen11 keren-rosen12 keren-rosen13 keren-rosen14 keren-rosen15

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