What It’s Like To Be Pregnant: A Humorous Illustrations About Pregnancy by an Expectant Mother

When you have the skills, all the resources and most specially the time that needed for drawing and doodling and not to mention when you are in the front row of the new experience in your life – having a baby, you will have the most humorous illustrations and show the world on how you really feel and what you’are going through.

Marie-Charlotte Yao, a graphic designer, illustrator and expecting mother based in France, draws from her iPad and Paper by 53 app to expose the real experiences of pregnancy. The illustrations reveal the fun parts of pregnancy — she get emotional watching Big Bang Theory a sitcom, spending hours on Pinterest and eating on the floor whenever one feels like it — as well as the hard times. The artist shows what it’s like for a pregnant woman to have cravings over pregnancy no-no foods.

Pregnancy is so new to me and I keep finding myself in some pretty unusual situations and thoughts and I wanted to be able to remember them and share them for exemple with my close friends who don’t have children yet. As an illustrator, I couldn’t find a better way to express all these feelings. I always love to make some quick sketches on my iPad while commuting or enjoying free time…so that’s what I did. At first it was just one drawing (eating pickles) and then I thought I can make this as a fun project to show my future daughter – Marie-Charlotte Yao

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