Images Becoming Bigger In Web Design

Your website is important to you, and one of the most vital things you can do for it is ensure that you are ahead of trends when it comes to website design. Obviously your design team or individual will handle the design section of the project, but you still have to be aware of what it is you want as regards the look and feel of your website. In recent times a few trends have really become amazingly common, and one of the most exciting trends in website design within just the last few months has everything to do with looks.

Site visitors are becoming increasingly aware of the visual aspects of a website. This means that they find sites and instantly look for the images that the site contains as a starting point. Visual impact is becoming, in other words, more important than text content. This is most obvious within the first few seconds of visiting a site.

So it stands to reason that if the visual impact of your site is important, the bigger the impact, the better. What many web designers are being asked these days is just how big can that impact be?

Large Images In Web Design

Expect to see a huge trend towards large and bold images appearing on websites as the year progresses. It is not unknown for websites to consist of just a large image for the landing page, for example. This serves to impress the site visitor (as long as there no awkward loading time) and this counts for a lot when visits can last as little as two seconds if people are not impressed.

Large images create large impact. Ask your web design team to consider images that encapsulate your company vision, or an aspect of how you do your work. Be careful that the image doesn’t look twee or clichéd. Aim for visuals that really convey what your company is about.

It is becoming more common, and it is obvious that companies are enjoying the feel of websites that initially consists of a large picture with perhaps a small quote at the base of the picture. Talk to your web designers about the possibility of including a large image on your home page. It may well be the aspect of your site that makes more people want to stick around and find out more about what you do.

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