Implementing cloud computing: A few tips

Cloud computing can provide a considerable boost to businesses when implemented properly. The cloud can cut down on storage costs, while improving accessibility and security. For businesses in just about every industry, it’s a no-brainer.

The benefits to cloud computing are many and varied, but getting it right is absolutely key. Here, we take a look at a few tips which can make the implementation process run smoothly, ensuring maximum benefit in the minimum time.

Research ease of use

While the premise behind different cloud computing services remains the same, there can be a great deal of variety when it comes to interfaces and ease of use. If you choose to find out what businesses should look for in cloud computing, you’ll see that ease of use comes near the top of the list.

In an office environment, where the cloud is intended to benefit a large number of people with varying levels of computer literacy, ease of use should be a top priority. Researching which services are the easiest to use is sure to save you time as you implement cloud computing at your workplace.


Don’t neglect security

Some businesses can be too keen to get up and running on the Cloud and can neglect security in the process. In every case, security should be a top priority and is something which businesses need to take seriously. Whether you seek a private cloud from Dell or are looking into encryption, something needs to be done.

In addition to using an accredited service, it’s important to back up extensively before making the switch. Security is not only a question of keeping your data away from third parties, it is also a matter of keeping it safe.


Check your bandwidth

In order to get the most from cloud services, it’s essential that you check that your bandwidth is sufficient – as this ARS Technica piece explains. Starting small with things like mail may not put much pressure on the system but as you begin to migrate large amounts of data to the cloud, bandwidth can start to become an issue.

One of the main things which draws people to using the Cloud is efficiency. If you are to benefit from this key factor it’s essential that your network is capable of keeping up to speed. This is something to keep an eye on as your business and its digital ambitions continue to expand.

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