Importance of Google Apps for a Website

Picasa Adds Fine Look to Logos for Website

Google applications have both professional and entertainment purposes. These applications add color to life. Picasa is the Google’s application for editing pictures. Picasa is one of the known applications which people use to add glow, softening or sharpening effects to their memorable images. Professionals use Picasa to add value to their photography. Cropping facility helped the users of Picasa in official terms as well. Cropping of irrelevant material and adding right thing to the right time by images. Picasa is loved by various users of the Google applications.

Google Earth helps Targeting Traffic of a Region

Google earth is another application that gives user information of localities, maps, and related things. This is a downloadable program just as Picasa is. A student of Geography prefers to download this program. There are few features in Google earth that are available with the price tag whereas free samples are also downloadable. It shows the localities of globe with three dimensions also.

YouTube Helps for Publicity of a Web Page

YouTube is famous among all age groups. There are videos of all types. People can make their account there to log in for several types of educational videos. YouTube is educational, professional and entertainment source. On the other hand downloadable features of youtube attract more traffic as this is the free way of watching the videos again and again. Whereas for songs a selection person has to buy DVDs or CDs, YouTube offers the service without any charge for its customers. People who use net seldom and are not professional in net usage also love YouTube. Since 2005 YouTube and Google both are working with each other. It is more or less like Google own YouTube. The whole search engine gives video responses and feedback to the searches of people.

Google News Gives Glamorous New

Google News is another application made by Google. This application tells stories from all around the world. There are many people whose native language is not English. For these users option bars of various languages are available with the caption. This application can also be personalized. Selecting a specific region for news alerts and subscribing for news from all around the world give people a new way to life. It increases their vision and educational know how.

Pay Article Marketing Writers through Google Checkout

Google checkout is a way of paying online. While online shipping many people have risks of fraud. Online payment service that is secured is needed by the whole world. Online business is established now. People are looking for reliable online sources. Internet is all about Google. Google payment method is secure and gives stagnant growth to the internet development. There are few sites where Google checkout is not allowed. These sites try to attract other business holders in this field.

Google Groups; Increase Viewership of Site

Just like chat rooms for different fields, Google groups allow a person to enjoy online chatting on their favorite topics. There are thousands of topics like automobiles, home cooking, dressing, politics, driving, education, courses, online classes, parlors, religions, health, gardening, picnic spots, etc. People can read the posts and blogs about these topics and can also add their opinion there while doing conversation with friends.

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