Importance of Split Testing on a Website

One of the newest and most modern methods to test a website is split testing, a method, which is relatively new, and it was also proven as effective. It is the best method to determine which of your ads and banners are effective, and what is needed to be done in order to solve the respective problem.

Split testing process

For a split testing, you will need a split test of 50/50 to determine which ones of the ads are more effective. Maybe you feel like your site does not bring the desired incomes, and in this case, you should do something to change this state of facts. For example, you might want to run a test split, and based on the results of this test, you will determine which ones of your ads are effective, and which ones need to be changed.

  • you should test at least two pages, if you really want to see if the page is effective or not
  • you need to test the clicks in order to determine the pages that don’t perform
  • you need to create a test page in order for the result to be accurate

The process of split testing

Although it seems complicated, the principle behind a split test is simple. you just need to create a group of ads with the same text, but with different URL destinations. You might also want the pages to receive the same quantity of traffic. With two accounts made on ClickBank, you will be able to do so, and you will determine which one of the pages has the highest rate of sales. By concentrating the efforts on the link exchanges of a page, you will be able to increase the incomes of your page. one of the most important actions that must be taken by the visitor is to click on the sales page, and if the visitors are not convinced to visit your page, you will never reach the desired results with your page.

If you want to follow the direct clicks on the pages of the visitors, you will need a program called My-linker, which can be considered as one of the most effective methods to count the links. You will need to enter the code generated by this program, and the test will start. this way, you will determine the keywords that produce the largest number of clicks, and you should start to optimize the campaigns in order to have a better effectiveness of the costs.

With only a few split tests, you will determine which pages function better, and you will also be capable of creating efficient campaigns. As you don’t have many banking accounts and advertising budgets, you will have to increase the efficiency of your page with simple methods, and this is why you should be able to create efficient pages, and to test them.

The first objective is to establish your goals clearly, and make sure not to lose the vision. It is important to have strict goals, and to make sure those goals are respected.

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