Important thing to know when choosing a Web Host

Search for it on Google. Click on the first ad posted and done!

Do you think that choosing a web host is that simple? Well, it may be that simple but you can be sure that it will not help you be satisfied because you have a number of requirements and to satisfy every such requirement; you need to do some research.


What research?

The following points should be on your mind so that you choose a web host that caters to your needs and makes your task simple.

  1. Know what you are expecting from themIf you are building a website, you probably have a picture of it on your mind and those who are smart and creative usually have it on paper too. If you have compiled every requirement in this paper, check out other points. If not, you should include points related to the type of content you are planning to post, platform you want to use for your website, your target audience, importance of uptime, email services, offsite backups, etc.

    List down your expectations and thing will be fairly simple for you.

  2. Have a list of doubts on paperIf you have some questions that should be asked to a web host provider, you should have it on paper because if you miss out on some of the most important points, you will regret the same at a later date. So, write them down on paper.
  3. Reviews can helpBefore finalizing a web host, you can look for reviews posted by satisfied and dissatisfied customers. With the reviews, it is important to look for the reason for the review. For instance, if a negative review is posted, it is important to know whether it affects you or not. Similar should be your approach to positive reviews.
  4. Don’t be attracted to the freebiesThe worst thing we can be attracted to is a freebie. Freebies are good, but there are web host providers who try to promote their poor services with the help of freebies. So, keep freebies aside and review their service separately.
  5. Run your testsIt is important to have your set of tests for the shortlisted service providers because it will help you know whether you are choosing the right web host or not. The best way to do is by listing down 20 competitive sites and check which host the website owners are using. Online services like Who’s Hosting This should be a handy tool for you. Although the accuracy is not 100%, it should be helpful in most of the cases. So, keep this option active.
  6. Features and pricingOnce you have shortlisted top three web host providers for your website, you should dig into their additional services and pricing to finally choose one of the three shortlisted.

If you have finalized a service, you should visit to look for web-hosting  deals and coupons. If you get a discount coupon for the selected service, you can save a handful of dollars on this expense.

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