Important Things to Consider in Hiring Freelance Web Designer

What is Web Design? According to, web design is simply the process of planning and creating a website. Websites are electronic pages that you can view via the internet through a browser like Google, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Web design includes webpage lay-out, graphic design, and content.

Almost everything nowadays can be found online, and a lot of people use the internet for various reasons. They consult the internet for data gathering, social networking, entertainment, and sharing data. Most websites today, aside from sharing information and other responsibilities, aim for traffic generation. This means, more views and visits from online users. Thus, to generate more traffic, they have to develop their website to be in synch with the latest online platforms, designs, lay-outs, and content.

Most companies will hire a design agency or full time web designer, but another alternative to save you time, money, and to have more choices is to hire a freelance web designer.

And before getting further in trusting your web design job to freelancers out there, establish a good relationship and communication via email, social network, messenger or initiate a meeting. A phone conference via Polycom is a fantastic way to establish contact with a designer as long as they are equipped to receive it. 

There are thousands of freelance jobs nowadays but what are the things that you should consider in hiring a web designer?


  1. Decide on what you want and how your web site should look. Do you want to be colorful and techno-geek with your web page? Or do you want to be text heavy and minimalist? Before you start looking for a web designer, be sure first of what lay-out, graphic design, and features you would like to see in your web page. Web designers vary from each other even if they offer the same service.
  2. Check their resume, curriculum vitae, and portfolio. You have to choose a web designer that you think will suit your needs and preferences. Know their work experience, country, educational attainment, and previous work samples. Since you will be hiring a freelancer, it is recommended that you investigate their work experience first. What designs have they done in the past? What companies have they worked for before? And what problems have they encountered in their work before? Be sure that you are hiring a competitive person who will not only create websites for you but can also troubleshoot issues in the future. The country and time zone is very important, most especially if you will be hiring online freelance web designers. Make sure that you can have a common time to discuss work and other issues. Educational attainment may come in handy if you want someone who is not only trained with experience but also knowledgeable with technicalities. Last, review their work samples. Go with someone who doesn’t use an existing template and just enhance it. Hire someone who has originality and creativity, and will offer you designs and lay-out suggestions instead of the other way.
  3. To make sure you are working with the person whose name is written on the CV, ask to do an interview through a video call or just a simple talk through phone conference. This is to make sure that you are talking to the person who will be doing the jobs and not a middle name or another contractor. This is also to verify their experience and knowledge.

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