Technology Is Driving Individualized Solutions For People And Businesses

The Industrial Revolution, as mocked by Chaplin in his infamous Modern Times, has created a series of identical solutions for every need and desire. Those, whether businesses or people, who wanted something out of the ordinary – or at least suitable to their specific requirements – needed to turn to manual artisans and experts. With time, while there are still artisans, technology has given the possibility create tailored solutions to match individual situations. While there is no doubt that bespoke solutions have always existed for those who could afford them, it is important to add one thing: Technology has made most basics solutions affordable and customizable, as an individual or a company. Indeed, whether you are looking for a creative solution, an attractive online identity, or a way to highlight your values, there is no need to break the bank any longer. Technology offers now to people and companies the luxury of designing their products to match their requirements.

Modern Times, Chaplin

Individual Creation For People

There used to be a time when artistic expression and creativity were associated with a high price. For instance, if you wanted to surprise your parents with a large portrait of the family, you needed to organize the photo shooting with a professional photographer, long enough in advance so that the photos could be developed and placed into a frame. However, nowadays, more and more online businesses offer their printing services: All you need to do is to upload a picture of your choice. Not only does it limit the planning nightmare – it is generally ready within a couple of days – but it is also a tenth or less of the price than it used to be. Suddenly, it’s up to you to be creative and create collages, exciting shapes, and playful black and white and color contrasts. All of it online so that the individual portrait is ready to order in a matter of clicks.

Individual Business Structure Solutions

When it comes to the business world, technology is essential in presenting the business structure and offering to potential buyers, existing customers, partners and even employees. Indeed, in a few clicks, it is easy to navigate through a website and gain an understanding of its specific products or services, case studies, teams, and much more. Without websites and UX, it would have been the result of several months of research. Another great example of effective use of technology is in depicting the essential relationship between organizational design vs. structure vs. charts. Indeed, at an HR level, org charts used to be a manually created document that remained static. Using technological tools to generate an org chart, enables the integration of essential digital features such as automated updates, messaging options, calendar sync, and even an accurate representation of the organization structure. In short, as companies are moving towards an agile and dynamic customer- and employee’ focused organizations, an interactive org chart is the best way to accurately represent their values.

Individual Designs For People And Businesses

A last example, which is common to individuals and businesses, is the use of websites. Web designs used to be reserved for businesses, while individuals simply had a cyber blogs to populate with content. However, more and more affordable web platforms are offering customizable and professionally-made designs that are available for people and companies. Here too, in a few clicks, you can create a bespoke website using either an existing template as a basis. Building your own identity online is one of the main benefits of technology.

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