Inspired by Print – 10 Free Science Fiction Style Fonts

There are countless science fiction style fonts out there, but they are not all made equally. Some of our favorites are listed below and the best thing about them is that each and every single one of them is free and available for immediate download so you can start using them right away!






1. Tal Shiar Fonts


This isn’t just one font, I know, but the collection in its entirety is worth linking. If you’re a Star Trek fan then you will absolutely love these fonts. Not only do they have all of the movie and TV show fonts for you to use, but several that resemble the script of various languages like KlingonScript. One of the coolest things that they offer here is their “Trekbats” with various images you can stick right into your script. I love this page way too much.

2. Coalition

A blocky square font that appears to be disintegrating, I love the look of this for themed designs and graphics. It’s patterned after Gears of War and certainly has a scifi war type feel, but I think it has a lot of versatility.

3. TR2N


No list of science fiction fonts would be complete without a Tron font. While the usage for it is limited due to it being so recognizable, it’s still a really neat looking and well done font.

4. Bioliquid


This is one of those that just really has a great look and you can get a lot of usage out of it and have completely different looks for it. It’s very scifi and reminds me of androids or computer systems, but could even look great as the writing engraved into the side of a ship.

5. Stargate


Yes, I had to include this one because it’s a brilliant font. It is recognizable, but can be used effectively even for things that are not Stargate related. It’s uppercase and lowercase provide very different looks and even some awesome symbols, giving you even more flexibility with this great font.

6. Faltura Alien

Faltura Alien

This is probably one of the best alien fonts I’ve ever seen that wasn’t already being used professionally. It has that perfect alien deterioration look to it and makes me want to just play with it. It is free for private use only and has to be purchased if used for commercial purposes.

7. Lightsider


This is a softer font and fairly simple, but really has a great science fiction impact and has a lot of versatility. There are several versions of it as well, meaning that you can probably find the perfect one for whatever you’re looking for.

8. Orbitronio


I love this font for its blatant scifi-ness. It’s very in your face with the orbiting ring around all of the capital letters, but it’s so well done. This would be great for something a little more light-hearted like a kid’s space site or an astronomy club. It comes with some incredibly impressive images you can use as well.

9. Nuptial Script

Nuptial Script

I did a lot of research on this one and it seems that this is the closest you can get to the Firefly font. It’s pretty close and definitely conveys the right feel, if that’s what you’re going for. Thanks to Tom Peters of for passing this over!

10. Star Wars Fonts

Star Wars Fonts

I started with Star Trek, so it seems fitting to end with Star Wars. This is a free collection of several Star Wars fonts including not only the most famous ones, but some original designs and “Maulbats” which I think are pretty awesome.

There are an incredible amount of amazing science fiction fonts out there to choose from, but these are some of the best that I’ve come across and are fonts I would actually use in my own designs. In fact, several of these are fonts I have used in the past and have every intention of using again. Show us some of your favorite scifi fonts and what you’ve done with them in the comments!

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