Introducing Monochrome Colors In The World Of Web Design

What is monochrome layout in web design? It is presenting a webpage in white and black, or in varying tones of only one color. The biggest concern with monochrome colors is that in recent times, the types of colors used in web design is as profuse as the number of websites on the Web. As bright and bold colors in web design are well-accepted throughout the globe, it is a very confusing condition for the clients as well as the designers. So what is better: multi colors or monochrome? Before we move forward with the discussion, let’s know more about monochrome colors.

The lack of color does not always equate to a dearth of vitality and a lack of personality. Black and white, when used together, offer the ultimate impact and provide great readability. It is a guarantee that the message is worth remembering as it gets delivered clearly. In fact, this is often considered the safest and the most professional color combination to use in web design.


Vivid white text with a sleek black background (or vice versa) is always effective in drawing attention to the website. Even when it comes to well-known social media icons, it doesn’t really hurt much if the red from ‘Pinterest’ or the blue from ‘Twitter’ gets replaced by monochrome colors. Take this website Jeremy Cowart for instance, where the designer has skillfully used monochromatic colors in the social media icons.

It is also important to note that monochrome is not just about black and white; there is a lot more to it. Take Isabelle Ribeiro, a photography website as an example. In this website, shades of gray play a major part. With the photographer’s favorites displayed gorgeously at the forefront, it is the choice of crisp charcoal gray for the background which fully adds to the visual vibrancy.

Using monochrome colors means that you are going for minimalism. And a subtle, sober and minimalistic background works wonders when highlighting something important at the front. But is this the only advantage of using monochrome colors? Let’s find out:

#1. It makes a webpage look charming and sophisticated. It is just as modern as it is classic. And with a monochrome background, it becomes easy to choose the color of the texts.

#2. There is no possibility of conflicting shades. Moreover, it is easier to stay focused as there are no distracting elements. As a result, these colors can leave a lasting effect on the minds of the visitors.

#3. These colors are easier on the eyes of the visitors suffering from colorblindness, as there are no contrasts and only different tones.

#4. Nowadays, visitors look for valuable information, and they do not land on a website just to marvel at the use of bright colors. With monochrome colors, you can keep the content as the center of attraction.

#5. It makes the website look cleaner and more organized. And this can make visitors spend more time on your website.


There you have it… all you needed to know about the use of monochrome colors in web design. Now make good use of them in your own website.

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