Invoicera: Lightningfast Invoicing and Efficient Time Tracking Service With More Enriched Business Features

Invoicing is one of the most thwarting and time overpowering prospect of being a freelancer or owning your own small business.

It is very hard to remember precisely when to invoice your clients and which details to include on the itemized bill. If your like most freelancers, Quickbooks is too costly and too complicated to figure out.

Carrying out invoicing and time tracking tasks manually is a difficult procedure involving various software tools including a desktop publisher, Excel sheet, time tracker and a digital filing system to monitor AR/AP and paid and due invoices.

Small business merchants mostly favor to utilize their time in thinking about the service/product they offer and how to make it much better rather than worrying about sending out invoices. Invoicera appears to be a great online solution at a very economical price. It has loads of options available and it requires no special accounting knowledge. is an online invoicing and time & expense tracking software that can really  assist  freelancers and business owners to spend less time on invoicing and more time on their business activities.

What Invoicera can do?

Invoicera permits workers to keep track of their time for every client and different projects. From those time-sheets, it will automatically generate professional looking invoices and even send invoices to your clients via email as an pdf atachment. The invoices itself are truly branded having amazing color scheme and your company logo on the invoice which depicts your professionalism. All of the time & expense tracking and invoicing data can easily be exported to Excel sheet and in other formats as well, so that it will be easy and quick to hand over to an accountant for tax time.

Using Invoicera, you can generate invoices in multiple languages and currencies and even can accept payments online, which some of your clients will love to take benefit of. For freelancers and other project managers, Invoicera also provides support ticketing facility.

Some Benefits of Using Invoicera

Data Security

Invoicera utilizes the highest level of security  and encryption. Data is 256-bit SSL encrypted when transferred and stored behind firewalls. All information and data is backed up at distinct locations in real time and backed up off-site every evening. This is likely more secure than burning CD/DVDs or emailing  compressed files to your online email provider.

Ease of Use

Invoicera is as simple, clean and user-friendly to make use of as any leading cloud software program. A cloud solution like Invoicera also permits you to access your account from any computer system having Internet access.This means, you can invoice your clients sitting anywhere across the globe and at anytime.

Invoicera Usability is Said to be . . .

For third-party integration, Invoicera is recognized to provide a simple-to-use and very well-documented API(Application Programming Interface). It has also been depicted as a clean, user friendly and well-organized online invoice management software

Some Other Useful Features of Invoicera

  1. Multiple Languages and Currency Support: It helps in creating and sending invoices to your clients in their respective currency and language. Invoices in 11 languages can be created for your individual clients from all across the world. This will make your clients comfortable with meaningful and accurate invoices.
  2. Customized Invoice Template: To make sure your business identity is reflected and represented through the invoices received by your clients, professionally multiple designed templates have been provided. For those who are not that much technically sound to customize their template, for those Invoicera has come up with a Template Customization Service, with which you can get your invoice/estimate template customized by their experts as per your requirements.
  3. Magento Extension: With Invoicera’s magento extension, you can easily generate and send professional invoices to your customers with in real time as soon as they place an order on your store.
  4. Invoicera with Google Apps: If you are a user of Google apps, then using Invoicera will create many benefits here. The application can easily be accessed through Google apps with single sign in process and further utilizing Invoicera with single Google sub-domain.
  5. Invoice Scheduling: Scheduling of your invoice to be sent on specific date and time can be carved out. It would be sent automatically on the set date & time without any complexity. This will make your workload lighter.
  6. Late Fees Payment: Invoicera gives you the option to charge late fees from the defaulters. It is just one click away and you can add late fee charges in the invoice and get paid in either percentage terms or in a fixed amount
  7. Referral Program: With Invoicera’s Referral Program, you can earn 40% recurring commission for life time by simply getting your friends or your business contacts to sign up for the Invoicera’s paid subscription.

In Short,

Overall, Invoicera is an awesome online invoicing + time & expense tracking tool and makes a superlative attempt to make invoicing process a lot easier and much faster. It is a brilliant product with excellent customer support, something which most of the online applications are missing and is a very effective cloud-based business accounting package that is suitable for all freelancers and business owners.

Invoicera will provide you a professional look not only in undertaking your billing tasks but also facilitate your business in achieving a great success.

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