Invoicera Service Review

In most simple and relative terms Invoicera is another alternative to choose from a plethora of online billing and invoicing applications available over the Internet. But this would not be the most appropriate portray of the application as it posses invoicing attributes which are distinct from the rest.
What is Invoicera?
Invoicera specializes in providing state of the art online invoicing and billing solution. Designed to keep the online invoicing convenience in mind, Invoicera has focused on the ease of use and simplicity. Invoicera stands out by providing some of the best invoicing features keeping the highest degree of simplicity, a perfect blend which most online invoicing and billing application lack. It is ideal for business models that require quick invoicing and streamlined workflow processes.

It allows small & medium enterprises, freelancers, service providers, etc to create and send invoices/estimates online, without having to keep a track of invoices/estimates manually. This also prevents users from maintaining the stack of invoices and facilitates easy payment tracking. Therefore, payments can be easily received from clients and, thereby, reducing the payment collection cycle.

The features

Invoicera has undoubtedly the most comprehensive list of features.  For freelancers or small business users who either need to create invoices more often than not or want a solution that is affordable, Invoicera is worth checking out:

1)      Time Tracking for Effective Project Management

2)      Expense Tracking to Bill clients for the Expenses borne on their behalf

3)      Multiple Currency Support (With real time currency conversion)

4)      As Many as 16 Payment Gateways to Choose From

5)      Invoice Scheduling (Provided by Invoicera alone)

6)      Late Fee Option

7)      Recurring Invoicing with Auto Bill Capabilities

8)      Sending Invoices in PDF Format and supporting documents as an Attachment

9)      Calculation of Compound Tax and IRPF for Canada and Europe Respectively

10)   Option to add Custom Fields like VAT, Company Reg. No., etc

11)   First of its kind Multi Language Invoicing (Invoices/estimates can be created and send in ANY language)

12)   Invoice Template Customization

The User Experience

The front end website validates the real face of the Invoicera application. The website is certainly refreshing and it is apparent from its presentation and usability. Browsing through the website is simple and Information displayed is very relevant and precise. On the whole the website gives a sense of professionalism along with distinctive outlay and use of color combination.

Invoicera is really easy to set up. Signing-up for Invoicera does not even take a minute as the sign-up form is short and simple. The application is friendly and intuitive, with a nice tabbed layout. Therefore, it was easy to navigate and move around without getting caught at any point in time. The user interface (UI) is unarguably amongst the best when compared with many other similar applications.

Creating the first invoice was almost effortless. Unlike any other invoicing application, it is possible to add every required detail from the create invoice page. While creating an invoice, option has been provided to add a new client, product/service, tax and late fee directly from the invoice. This facilitates fast and quick invoicing. Compared to the other invoicing services, Invoicera strikes as a bit more intelligent and more mature. Its user interface is stupendous rather than vivacious. It is extremely clear and fast, despite offering users a lot of control and options.


Invoicera is a user friendly offering that is well focused on providing what its customers need. Their customer support is second to none and you are rest assured of a prompt response, should you have any query. It is a standalone online invoicing and billing application with focus on extremely powerful user interface. With loads of features, excellent support and ultra competitive pricing Invoicera is definitely worth checking out.

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  • melody

    thanks for the info..great!

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    Wow.. this is pretty pro stuff… time tracking is very useful 🙂

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    Pretty awesome stuff…This is precisely what I was looking for my business…Thanks a ton!!!


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  • Making online invoices is essential for the professional online business, I have never heard of Invoicera before, but you wrote up a mighty fine review and seems like it is a great product.

  • izza

    Does Invoicera differs from POS? I’m just starting with my business and think this would help. I need a user friendly online billing and invoicing since my assistant doesn’t have enough knowledge in online system. Thanks for all of the work you put into this thing.

  • Hm .. may be very useful for me. I did have some problems with online billing, which is very complicated for me. Thanks for the introduction, I will try it soon. Hopefully this is the solution that I had been looking for