Download This iPhone 5C Free Vector PSD Mockup

So you might have pre-ordered the colorful iPhone 5C and it is expected to be delivered by Friday. You got 3 more days to wait before you can finally lay your hand on it. That’s the consumer’s view at the moment and I will not give much of talking about this product in the marketing side.

Let’s get down to the real deal, for developers and designers around the world who craft iOS apps, you, for sure in need of iPhone 5C mockup to prepare your app presentations. Worry no more, here is a fresh iPhone 5C Free Vector PSD Mockup which I stumbled from one of the design gallery that I visited today.

This free vector PSD mockup is a scalable vector shape iPhone 5C psd template in colorful green, blue, yellow, pink, and white. Display your web or iOS app on the iPhone 5C mockup created by  Pinto.



 Grab this  iPhone 5C Free Vector PSD Mockup NOW


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