Jason Ratliff New “Super Shadow” Art Series

Possibilities are endless just like a child’s imagination. From creating bat mobiles out of cardboard boxes to wearing towels as capes, children see heroes very simply – within themselves and their surroundings.

Curioos artist Jason Ratliff takes our imagination to a whole new level this October 20, 2016 with a charity pre-launch of “Super Shadows II”. With his first collection receiving global recognition, it’s no wonder his collection of 17 pieces will go on display at Cook Children’s Medical Center located in Ft. Worth, TX. In lieu of the new center, for the first 48 hours, any online purchases within the collection, 50% of proceeds made within the first 48 hours will go towards benefiting the children’s medical center.

When it comes to creating new collections, Jason says, “inspiration is a bit of a wild card for me. It can come from anywhere. Nature, music, movies, other’s artwork. It’s not so much about being inspired with an idea but being inspired to create.” Jason begins his process in a very simple and organic form, putting pencil to paper and sketching his thoughts before moving onto ink. Once satisfied, he shifts over to Photoshop to refine and perfect his design, “…for the past few years I’ve handled all my color work digitally because I like to tinker and digital work affords me the opportunity to change my mind easily.” Much like a superhero, Jason continues to march on with his well-known style just like any superhero, striving and doing their best, day-by-day.

The theme of Cooks Children’s Medical Hospital was, from the beginning, “super kids”, and Jason’s art, fills out the theme perfectly. The series is exclusively available at Curioos.com as fine art (framed or unframed), canvas, aluminum, acrylic glass and most popular, die-cut prints.

ABOUT CURIOOS: Is the world’s most vibrant online gallery dedicated to graphic art. Launched in 2011 as a blog, Curioos is now a curated marketplace to purchase unique wall art by thousands of emerging artists from around the world.

We are very happy to add that 50% of all proceeds will be donated to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Ft. Worth, TX during the first 48 hours of the series launch.

This exclusive collection of 17 new artworks depicts our favorite superheroes as children’s shadows. Exclusive Prints available only on Curioos.




















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