Jason Ratliff Brings Inventive Dimension of Art with his Super Shadows

Designer by trade, artist by heart, Jason Ratliff seeks to bring the world as we know it alive with color and new, inventive dimensions. Working as a freelance designer and illustrator out of Indianapolis, Jason’s daily to-do list varies from logo projects and website designs to personal illustrations for prints and products. Some of Jason’s most popular artworks are found in his ongoing series, “Walking Shadows”, which depicts people and animals in everyday motions, casting off extraordinary, vibrant shadows.

With the overwhelming response to the series, he continued to bring another one titled “Super Shadow” where it features portrait of kids that has a super hero shadow.

“It’s about how a kid can be anything they want to be,” he says.

For all the Super Hero fans out there who loved to hang this design to their walls. You can buy the print via Curioos

jasonratliff1 jasonratliff2 jasonratliff3 jasonratliff4 jasonratliff5 jasonratliff6 jasonratliff7 jasonratliff8 jasonratliff9 jasonratliff10 jasonratliff11

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