Learn The Truth About Your Web Design Company

Secrets of a web design companies portfolio

The search for a great web design company starts at their website. A web design companies website is their calling card. They are able to showcase their employee talent, business savvy and previous client experience. You should take a good look at the company’s portfolio as it includes the most detail on successfully delivered projects.

A detailed portfolio

Great web design companies take pride in their work and love to have clients describe their experiences along with detailed info on the client’s website concept and design. A company that does not provide a portfolio is either inexperienced and or does not have satisfied clients.

Total projects completed to date

A great company has a very steady stream of clients and the amount of projects completed will reflect this. It shows that clients are willing to accept the companies work. To see if their quality of work is just good enough or great you have average the number of completed projects with the total years the company is in business. This information will give a rough idea of how the company has grown their technical expertise, staff and resources. A company with steady growth will be very reliable in handling large projects and experienced in the technical side of web design.

Style and capabilities of projects

You already know what concept and capabilities your website will require. A great web design company will choose to focus on a few types of websites with certain capabilities. The number of similar websites they have previously completed will show their experience. A company which has completed 1 to 5 similar projects is okay. The ideal web design company will have experience with 5 or more websites.

Request more info on the company’s previous projects which include the use of the specific tech you would like to implement. Companies often provide a demo package on request to show you what capabilities the final website will have.

Design and build qualities of projects

When looking at the web sites in the web design companies portfolio ensure your bandwidth and internet connection is running normally and take note of the websites loading time, alignment of text, images and smoothness of animations. Is there a flash intro with sound and video in proper sync? Ease of navigation, attractive color schemes and first impressions. Most website concepts come from the client there are always a few websites that seem unusual or plain.

Client satisfaction

If there is a website that you have seen in someone else’s portfolio one of the companies are probably making a false claim. A reputable company will provide verifiable info on the web site and a method of contacting the owner. Contacting previous customers and comparing their experiences is the only way of verifying their claims of client satisfaction.

The web design companies website

The company’s website is their calling card and the face of their business. Often the company’s website looks very dated versus the websites displayed in their portfolio an explanation is they are outsourcing their work to other web design companies. To make your business successful you should seek out a company that does its own work as they will be very knowledgeable and provide better answers to your questions.

Using the methods described will simplify your search for a great web design company. Your clients will appreciate the unique concept and time spent to make the website easy to navigate and reward you with their business.

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