Less is More – Minimalistic Lego Creations

Building Lego has been big business for years and the multi million pound industry now has some serious model makers who spend their days reproducing almost anything from the little bricks. For the more skilled out there, building models on as small a scale as possible, or with minimal bricks has become very popular and the Internet is full of these tiny creations. Lego themselves have even got in on the act and for Christmas 2011 produced a calendar which had a small scale Star Wars model behind every window.Here is our pick of the top small scale and minimalist models for all Lego lovers to feast their eyes on:

This amazing model has been produced by Tim Goddard who is considered one of the kings of micro models. It has incredible detail and includes a working lift within the tower!

This great micro spaceship design called Atlas is extremely detailed but incredibly small, a hard feat to achieve.

This tiny cargo hauler is such a pleasure to look at with its multi-coloured cargo containers and well thought out detail.

One of the most beautiful entries in the list is this sail boat called ‘White Mist.’ It has incredible detail from the ‘sea’ which is made from single clear bricks, to the ladders on the boat itself and is the type of model you could find yourself staring at for hours.

Although Christmas is months away, these pictures are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. One talented creator has built his own tree decorations in the form of mini Lego models. You can see how small they are compared to the tree branch they are hung on.

This model of a Japanese house has fantastic detail and captures the architectural style of the country perfectly.

This tiny model is reminiscent of the Lego Ice Sat V set from years gone by but on a teeny tiny scale.

This tiny village is so detailed it even has mock Tudor house fascias and plants growing in the mini garden!

Lego model builders are quite fond of building intergalactic war ships but you would be hard pressed to find a micro one as impressive as this.

This micro city is heading for disaster as it is attacked by a robot with a scary looking Lego whip. The detail is incredible on this; just take a look at the cars on the highway.

You don’t get much better than this model of Mont St. Michel, an island off the coast of Normandy, France. Nothing is left out and if you compare it with pictures of the island the model looks almost identical.

This amazing model is of the FBI head quarters in the X-Files television series but more impressive is special agent Fox Mulder sat at his desk!

This model is so minimalistic and simple, yet so effective. To infinity and beyond(creepily)…

What an amazing reproduction of HMS Britannic, down to the medical markings on the side.

Wow! This micro model of the Colosseum, Rome leaves nothing to the imagination as every little detail is catered for.

This tiny castle looks so menacing and those dead trees at the top of the hill definitely finish it off perfectly.

This model of the Sydney Opera House is one of the most minimalist creations we’ve seen, yet the minute you lay eyes on it, you know exactly what it is.

Another great highway model, this one depicts a rather unfortunate crash, including damage to the overhead bridge!

This amazing micro city is sized at 64×64 so think of the work and decision making that has gone into getting so much detail.

This is one of the most beautiful mini models around and has exquisite detail right down to the topiary in the magnificent gardens.

This fun little model captures the excitement of crossing the finish line in a car race and although the maker has used single bricks to represent the crowds, somehow, it just works…

This model ‘Hollander’ shows how small some of these creators are going. This guy’s arms are made of a single brick!

Another very simple but effective minimalist model is this Lego whale, which even has his own water spray.

This model has a different take on a Star Wars battle scene and has been placed in a bubble just to be a little different and highlight its miniscule size.

This pretty scary looking battleship, named the ‘Mantis’ due to its similarities to the bird eating insect looks ready for battle.

This mock Tibetan ministry has great detail and a fantastic use of bright colors making it very eye catching

This is one of the most amusing designs we have come across and captures the character of the prowling pussy cat perfectly.

This model shows the landscape of Tokyo with a few fantasy characters mixed in for good measure which makes for a mesmerizing scene.

This gothic castle is quite beautiful and the turrets at the top make it that little bit more impressive.

This collection was curated by Legoland Holidays, who hope you try your hand at doing more with less! – visit them online for deals at the new (not so tiny) Legoland Hotel. Which creation was your favourite?


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