How to Make Better Videos for Your Marketing Campaigns

Are you creating the best online marketing videos you possibly can? Many individuals and businesses make a half-hearted attempt to market their products and services online using videos. However, this unprofessional approach could be affecting your online reputation and it’s a problem you need to nip in the bud as quickly as possible. Below are some tips that will ensure that you make better videos for your marketing campaigns.

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Call in the Experts

Your online marketing videos should sell you and your business, so they have to look professional. You can do this work yourself, but it’s advisable to seek help from companies like Spiel who specialise in different types of video production services. These professionals have the skills and experience required to produce and edit high quality videos that portray you and your business in the best possible light.

Decide What You Want Your Videos to Achieve

You need to know exactly what you want each of your marketing videos to achieve before you start filming and editing. Some videos will simply be used to increase brand awareness, some videos will be used to educate your audience, while others take a more direct approach and sell to your viewers. Once you know what you want a particular video to achieve, you can start to plan your video.


As with any marketing strategy, creating a proper plan is essential when it comes to the production of an online marketing video. You need to know how much you can spend, how long the project will take, who will complete the work and how you will distribute your video. When you have this information, you can start to break down your video production project into manageable steps, allocate the work to different people and set realistic deadlines for completion of the project.

Use the Right Tools

It is possible to create stunning marketing videos yourself or in-house if you have the resources available. However, if you do decide to go it alone, don’t cut corners and make sure you invest in the right tools and equipment. The main tools and equipment you need include high quality cameras, proper backdrops, mics, lighting and premium quality video editing software.


The tools you use are only as good as the people who use them. If you will be creating your own videos or someone who works for you will be creating them, it’s vital to get the proper training. Thankfully, there is a huge amount of information and training materials available for free or to buy on the internet that will make it much easier to develop this type of skill.

Clear Messages and Calls to Action

As mentioned earlier, you need to know exactly what you want your videos to achieve and you also want your viewers to know what to do after they have watched one of your online marketing videos. This is why it’s crucial to include clear messages and strong calls to action in your online marketing videos.

The online marketing videos you create will reflect positively or negatively on your business, depending on how you approach this marketing activity. However, if you follow the tips above, you will be much more likely to create more effective online marketing video campaigns.

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