Make Your Ideas Art: Choose the Picture Perfect Portrait Studio

The Internet is filled with sites to equip hobbyists to open home photography studios. Many people with interest and aptitude tor photography buy an expensive camera and advertise themselves as photographers. These people usually charge less than professional portrait studios, so why should someone go to a portrait photography studio instead of asking a family friend to do portraits? If you choose the studio, how do you decide which one to use?


There are Many Kinds of Portrait Studios

Department and discount stores often have on-site studios that offer inexpensive portrait packages. They usually give out coupons at holidays and other special times. Although the photographs are not costly, the quality may be missing. Customers may find they are limited to one or two backdrops and short studio time. Because these studios have a lot of clientele, they gain more experience and have more equipment than the hobby-turned-professional individuals. Still, these one-size-fits-all establishments cannot provide depth of service or individual attention to the subjects because the goal is to process as many customers as they can. By contrast, professional portrait photography studios set up appointments for photo shoots and have many options available to clients. Professional studios differ from one another, so it is important to consider several things when choosing your studio.



Choose a Studio That You Can Afford

Professional photographers are not just people who own studios. They are artists who may hold art degrees and who understand lighting and fundamentals of composition. There is quite a bit of expense involved in portrait photography, both in beginning the business and in the day-to-day costs of running a legitimate establishment. Photographic equipment is expensive to buy and to maintain. In addition, the studio itself should have ambiance. All of this is costly.

When choosing a portrait studio you should find out about the cost, and also what services you are paying for. There is usually a sitting fee and then a charge for the package you purchase. The cost of a session may be $150 to $300 depending upon the type of portrait desires. In addition, if a photographer agrees to travel, there will be a charge for that. Clients should remember that they are not paying only for the time they pose in front of the camera, but for the time the photographer spends in readying the studio for the session and in processing the photographs. So professional portrait photography will always cost more, but the price may vary between studios. Wise customers will do comparative shopping.


Decide What Type of Portrait You Want

Portrait photographers tend to specialize, just as doctors do. Though most studios do many kinds of photographs, they may cater to children, or to couples. Some specialize in senior portraits. In addition, photographic studios vary in character with the personality of the photographer. Some feature unusual outdoor settings such as English gardens or Old West towns. Other studios tend toward modernistic and basic portraits. Many photographers will travel to their clients’ homes or to locations that have a sentimental value to the subject. The best way to decide upon a studio is to visit a few so that you can compare them.

You should be prepared to ask questions such as

• Is my fee based on studio time or on the number of poses in my package?

• How many changes of clothes am I allowed?

• How many backdrops or settings will I have?
It is important to be comfortable with the photographer too. Some photographers get along with children better than others. Some prefer adults. Clients can get a feel for the compatibility in the question process. You can also ask to see the portrait rooms and settings. Most photographers use framed portraits as advertising in the waiting areas of their studios, and usually have albums to browse there as well. Your visit will equip you, once you choose the studio, to arrive with the correct clothing, or props brought from home.


Pay Attention to the Eyes

It has been said that eyes are the windows to the soul. That is especially true in portrait photography because portraits do not speak or move to show personality. The ability of the portrait artist to capture personality and character is easily gauged by the spirit seen in the eyes. Professional photographers are trained to use lighting and pose to capture not only the subject’s “best side,” but to catch the nuance in a smile or eye twinkle. These examples will be in the display album you look through on your visit.

Many people possess the ability to take good pictures, but technique is learned through education and experience. Choosing a portrait studio is a personal matter, and an important one. A professional portrait is an investment, perhaps an heirloom.

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