WordPress Plugins That Can Be Handy In Making Your WordPress Site Responsive

Most of the website owners are creating and developing their WordPress website for both the desktop computers and different mobile devices. Building a responsive website (can work smoothly on desktop, laptops, Smartphones and tablets) is an ideal solution if you want to establish a good reputation across the web.

You can allow your visitors to access your site on both mobile phone and desktop computers. Through this, you can generate leads and boost your productivity as well.

If you really want to create a responsive WordPress website, you can use WordPress plugins that are particularly designed for making your site responsive and mobile-ready.

In this blog post, we will explore the top ten WordPress plugins that will definitely help you to build a responsive site, without even using a single line of code.

  1. Jetpack by WordPress
    jetpackJetpack is a great WordPress theme that adds robust features previously available to WordPress users, including traffic, customization, content, and performance tools. This plugin comes with more than 33 features, which means it can do much more than making your site responsive. You can opt for mobile themes to craft your mobile-oriented websites, and can also adjust it according to your needs as well. If you are familiar with the PHP and CSS coding, then you can tailor your theme even further.With this theme, you can easily integrate with your Google+ page, and there are verification tools by a photon that allows you to boost the speed of your website. Other features of Jetpack plugin including:
  • Easy Customization
  • Make your website mobile-oriented
  • Increase the speed of a website
  • Stiff security
  1. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

WPtouch is a mobile plugin designed for WordPress that inserts a simple and classic mobile theme for mobile visitors to your website. In fact, this plugin will quickly enable a mobile-ready version of your site that passes the Google Mobile test, and also intensify your SEO ranking within short time span. With this amazing plugin, you can make your site mobile- friendly without even having to know about HTML and CSS coding.

In addition, its admin panel enables you to customize the different components of its design and hand over a user-friendly, fast and classic version of your website to your mobile visitors. Here, your regular desktop theme will remain the same in design and layout for your non-mobile visitors.

  • Utilize a mobile only theme to keep the other things simple and clutter free
  • Visitors can be able to choose between your regular version and the mobile version
  • Now updating the content has become easy with this plugin.
  1. WP Mobile Detector Plugin
    wp mobile detector

WP Mobile Detector is an amazing plugin that automatically search-out standard and cutting-edge mobile devices and presents a compatible mobile theme. Basically, it selects which theme to use when visitors are accessing your site from their different mobile phones. In other words, it detects the mobile device that is accessing your site and opens a theme that fits perfect to their device. So, it will be great to use WP Mobile Detector plugin as it has the ability to fetch more and more visitors to your site.

This plugin can detect more than 5000 different mobile devices that mean you can alter your website theme according to your needs. In fact, many WordPress owners are adopting this plugin for their site.

Plus, WP Mobile Detector WordPress plugin allows you to append more functions to impress your visitors like widgets, dynamic page loading, collapsible menus, cross-platform compatibility and more.

  1. WordPress Mobile Pack
    WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack enables you to ‘package’ your existing content into the cross-platform mobile web app. In fact, the WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 + has been rebuilt from the roots to allow bloggers and publishers to go beyond the responsive design and make amendments into their blog’s content. It contains a complete set of tools that will help you to make your site mobile-ready. The most amazing features of this plugin are:

  • Mobile admin panel,
  • Mobile –friendly themes,
  • Mobile switcher
  • Device adaptation
  1. Mobile Smart Plugin
    mobile smart

The Mobile Smart plugin empowers your WordPress website to change your theme if a user accesses it by using a mobile device and also adds template tags to help you out. It also means the user can switch between mobile and desktop versions. Well, there are three options available for allows user to switch the versions, that are through a template tag, widget or footer option. It also has the ability to optimize all the components on your page including the images.

  • Mobile Smart Plugin comes with a manual switcher
  • A compatible theme switcher packaged with a simple design
  • It offers template tags as well.
  1. WP Mobile Edition
    wp mobile edition

WP Mobile Edition is a marvelous WordPress plugin that allows you to tailor your site into a mobile-only website. That means the user can access the website on a mobile device, but will look the same way it does on a desktop computer. So, it is an ideal plugin for the website owners who want to represent a responsive website. It is a complete toolkit to organize your WordPress website. WP Mobile Edition comes with a mobile switcher and Mobile themes.

To an addition, it is a fully optimized plugins that can run smoothly on Smartphones and also compatible with Android, Windows Phone, etc.

  • Makes your website Mobile-friendly with ease
  • The same theme can work for both desktop and mobile devices
  1. Wapple Architect
    Wapple Architect

Wapple Architect WordPress plugin enables you to mobilize your site or blogs within a few minutes. The specialty of this plugin is that it targets each and every mobile device and all elements of your blog are adjusted to the visiting handset.

This plugin offers a lot of amazing features and functions to boost the user experience for mobile devices. It is somehow different from other WordPress plugins, as it doesn’t utilize mobile theme, and holds the styling of your site from a web to mobile. Some of the other features of Wapple Architect are:

  • Mobile-friendly navigation,
  • Custom header,
  • Mobile advertising integration,
  • Optimization of images,
  • Stats and more
  1. Obox Mobile
    obox mobile

Obox Mobile is a great WordPress plugin from Obox Design that will alter your site to an exceptional layout fully compatible with all advanced mobile devices. It is one of the easy to setup plugins as it doesn’t require any sort of configuration – you just need to download and install the plugin.

It also offers a visual customizer that enables you to choose from five appealing color schemes. Pages will be crafted to present only the most important content and all the unnecessary stuffs can be hidden. With this plugin, you can create your mobile website as per your business requirement by changing colors, logos, fonts and backgrounds. Other features of Obox Mobile plugin are:

  • Improves the speed of a website
  • Enhances readability
  • It offers sophisticated user experience
  1. iThemes Mobile

iThemes Mobile is a fantastic plugin offered by ithemes website. It allows you to use the themes that you make for your mobile templates. When the visitor accesses your site, it enables your viewer to see the mobile theme that you created.

  • You can create themes by your own
  • Manage menus and navigation of your site
  • Supports a huge range of platforms
  1. MobilePress
    mobile press

MobilePress is a straightforward plugin that offers a mobile-friendly version of your site. This plugin doesn’t offer much features as other plugins offers, but still it comes with two themes and also supported developers who want to develop their own mobile themes.

It is an easy to use plugin, so you can simply test the site by forcing into mobile view, instead of using a real mobile device.


WordPress is an amazing CMS platform that offers tons of plugins that can help you create a responsive and mobile ready websites. In this blog post, we have listed the top 10 plugins that will allow you to craft a mobile-friendly website, without even modifying a single line of code.

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