Deadly Reputation Management Mistakes Small Companies Make

Reputation management seems to be incredibly simple. This is completely incorrect. In reality we are faced with a really complex topic, one that has to be properly understood. Every single small to medium sized company out there has to remain focused on understanding what clients need and want from the services and products offered. In the event that reputation is not properly managed, business will go down at quite an incredible rate.

A huge problem with the smaller companies is that they do not have the money that is needed to hire an experienced reputation management company. To make matters even worse, various deadly mistakes are done because of a lack of knowledge about the subject. We will focus on the mistakes that appear quite often so that you could at least avoid them while trying to manage your reputation alone.


An Improper Social Media Approach

You need to always be extremely careful with how you manage the company’s online social media accounts. That is because most of the interested buyers are going to look at the profiles in order to learn more about the company. Unfortunately, there are many situations in which we see that the companies fail to understand how important social media is.

When you manage the social media profile pages what is incredibly important is being 100% sure that you are courteous and that you respond to any negative comment as fast as possible. If you do not do this it is a certainty that problems will escalate really fast. The way in which you present yourself on the social media sites is going to have a huge influence on reputation management. Improper responses will destroy your reputation.

Trying To Remove Negative Reviews In A Dishonest Way

Unfortunately, many small company managers will try to pay off the negative reviews. This is a practice that can only lead to more problems in the future. At the same time, we do see the unwanted situation in which a negative review is just ignored or dismissed. It is really important that you are patient and that you take the necessary time to address the negative reviews in a positive way. Respect the reviewer and do try to offer responses for the problems that appeared. That will help you a lot more than what you think since potential buyers are going to quickly realize that your services are great.

Not Doing Anything

This may seem as being quite weird but most small to medium sized companies simply neglect reputation management. You will want to be careful and you want to know what everyone says about you. In the event that you do not know anything about your current reputation rating, you end up not realizing when a serious problem appears.

It is vital that you know the reputation of the company you manage. That is so much more important than what you believe at first glance. Have patience and do try to find out exactly what can be done in order to learn as much as possible about current reputation ratings.

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