– Online Image Collaboration Made Easy launched in March of 2012 with the mission of offering an easy and intuitive online tool for the discussion and collaboration of shared image files. Marqueed is rapidly growing its user base and is currently available as a web app via and the Google Chrome Store. An iPad app is planned for release in the coming months.

Marqueed is founded by John and Zerna Karian, who have worked extensively in graphic design, animation, photography and image retouching. Like many of their professional peers, they have firsthand experience with the perils of accurately and efficiently communicating feedback with a creative team.

Marqueed allows users to securely access shared image files, discuss and create annotations in real time, thereby increasing both productivity and accuracy.


While Marqueed is an incredibly powerful communication tool for designers, its users have quickly put the app to use in many other real life applications. A family used Marqueed as a tool to help redecorate their daughterʼs room at home. They used the app to collaborate with an interior designer: incorporating blueprints of the room, pictures of its current layout and collaboratively gathered catalog images. They were able to then make notes, compare potential options and ultimately come together to deliver a vision that appealed to everyone involved.

In short, the possibilities with Marqueed are nearly endless.

For more information, please contact zerna@marqueed.copm or visit

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