Massive Collection of Latest Free Blurred Background

Soft and appealing blurry background is a great help when you are preparing your visual presentation and you want to achieve the best.

From mobile app, website design and product design presentation, it would be nice if you have a quick to a collection of blurry background.

Your blurred backgrounds may range from images of nature or other identifiable objects softened out, or even just a set of beautifully combined colors which have been artfully blended out to achieve that blurred look. Blurred backgrounds can make your superimposed text look clearer and more pronounced compared to using just a solid color as your background. While using a solid color may work and choosing a contrasting color for your font can make your text pop, you can achieve a more sophisticated look by making use of blurred backgrounds instead.

Blurred backgrounds can also make for interesting wallpapers! When you’ve grown tired of using high-definition photos, you can resort to using these classy blurred backgrounds instead. I’ve compiled some great options for you below. Grab one now!

Free Blurred Backgrounds

4 Preview Backgrounds for FREE

Blurred Backgrounds

Atmosphere Apps backgrounds

20 Free Hi-Res Backgrounds

13 Blurred Backgrounds Freebie

23 free blurred backgrounds

16 Free Blurry Backgrounds

9 Free Blurred Backgrounds

7 Free Blurred Background

13 Blurred Backgrounds – Freebie

20 Blurred Backgrounds

15 Free Blurred Backgrounds


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