Master the Art of Shooting Night Photography

In the field of photography, the photographers that are interested in night photography should have special skills since it requires in-depth knowledge, understanding and know-how of science. In addition, a night photographer should also possess specialty gear to get a good quality shot at night. However, one should not get discouraged from pursuing night photography with the prospect of staying up all night. There are certain tips and tricks that can help you in mastering the art of night photography.

Seek Out Unique Elements to Combine in Shot

It is possible to create an artistic interpretation and bring reality in your night photography by combining different elements. A good photographer would not only take night shots of sky alone, but he or she will always seek unique elements of landscape to combine with them. The elements to be combined in the composition can be of all sizes and shapes, such as uneven rocks alongside a lake or rugged trees. A viewer is not distracted from the starry skies due to these elements, but they draw the viewer’s focus into the entire image. It is recommended to learn by experimenting with night images that will help in creating great night shots.

Get Thorough Knowledge of Moon Phase


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It is crucial to achieve the kind of night shot that a photographer wants to create unless he/she has thorough knowledge of rise and set times and moon phase. A good night photographer should have solid understanding of the stars and moon phase during the year. Different images can require different phases of moon, such as a new moon, full moon, or a rising or setting moon. For example, it is possible to shoot the middle of galaxy in the night at only certain times of the year when it comes above the horizon. The knowledge of the rotation of the earth helps the night photographers in taking stellar star trail shots.

Things You Need for Night Photography

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Most of the photographers think that they need to spend a lot of money on gear to produce good quality night images. However, it is not true and according to a good night photographer, most of the times you only need a manual mode camera with memory and a tripod stand. The camera with low noise sensors, full frame, fast storage cards and processing hardware gives a new expression to the night photography. For shooting quality images at night, low light is required with a camera lens of appropriate aperture and focal length.

Apart from the lens and body, there are many things that can improve the quality of the night images that you will create. Some of the equipment includes cable release, sturdy tripod for wind resistance, motion control system to add foreground motion, headlamp with a red LED, flashlight for light painting, and light room or Photoshop for frame stacking, burning, noise removal and dodging. Technically, these things are not necessary, but professionals can invest into this gear for further improving their night shots.

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