Maximize Workflow & Gain 2014 Designing Edge Using Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC is finally out! Designers from around the world show excitement with the latest features and screenshots, as these can help improve work efficiency and productivity and most importantly, competitiveness. The new versions come with minor and major enhancements, which help professionals that use Photoshop frequently.

If you’re using the tool daily for editing or retouching images from presentations, website designs and photo shoots, teaching or working on new designs as well as doing other projects, then you may get even more excited with the latest release that come with new features and screenshot options.

2014 Adobe Photoshop CC Design Features

Become a better designer using the new improvements and features, which can make you more productive in streamlining every task you take. Several changes include menus, panels and workspace, which have improved one’s time efficiency. Designers can also take advantage of using a project-based billing instead of an hourly one.


Below, you can check out the latest improvements that may help you get yourself geared up for 2014 design innovations and trends:

Unique, easy-to-use interface

It comes with a darker user interface, as compared to previous versions, allowing you to concentrate on the image you’re working and not on the interface. Designers can expect a more immersive interface for using the latest Photoshop, in particular if they’re working long hours per day on a project.

Auto-Recovery and Background save Feature

Work without any worries of losing any valuable data, as you can now keep working and never mind about saving. The latest Photoshop comes with one of the most useful background save and auto-recovery option that allows you to work on larger files. The auto-recovery feature works instantly without work interruption.

Save yourself from frustration! Here’s the Adobe Version that instantly save the files for you, so no chances for locking up and crashes to ruin your design if you have this handy version that auto-recovers immediately.

Set the time on how often you want to auto-save, and use the background save function that does not require waiting for the progress bar to complete before proceeding with work.

Flawless Workflow

In reference to the Content-Aware Move, designers can expect easier and faster work, as they’ll be allowed to replace any content in their image using a seamless patch. They’ll have the chance to view all layers as samples, allowing them to keep the original image.

This way you can do retouching in a breeze, without destroying the original image version. In addition, you can be able to compare both versions in their screen (Original: left, Patched Version: right) and apply changes, as necessary.

Gain more exposure and opportunities in 2014

Become a more competitive, credible and efficient designer with the Adobe being adobe certified expert. Use it to your advantage and do work in a faster and more efficient way. You shouldn’t let yourself be left behind if you want to keep up with your competition and gain more exposure in 2014 when companies planning to work with more professionals and experts. While preparing your skills for coming year, you can get help with to make your adobe certification preparation more easy.

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