Digital Mixed Media Artist: Featuring Michael Vincent Manalo

Michael Vincent Manalo is a digital mixed media artist born in the Philippines on 1986 to parents who both have different blood lines: His father being having his roots from the US and his mother having her roots from Spain.

He creates his art through merging ideas that have been captured within his mind with scenes that have been captured by his hand to create the living space that his subconscious tries to convey.

“Creating my artworks through my chosen medium was brought about by my frustration in the traditional process of painting, which as a result has given me even more possibilities to recreate the visceral levels contained within the vast assemblage of my spirit.”

Michael explains. He started drawing at the age of 3, slowly advancing his technique by utilizing several mediums, like pencils, charcoal, pastels until he started painting which unfortunately led him to frustration. At the age of 21, however, he received his first camera which in turn gave him another way to communicate through his subconscious. A few months after experimenting with his camera, he then taught himself the art of photo-manipulation and within another month’s time, he began combining photographs and digital paint with the vast concepts and emotions he has within himself.

With a degree in the field of healthcare, and from the three blue-collar jobs he has partaken in, Michael started merging his life experiences and applied it on his canvas.

In the start of 2010, he began to focus on his professional career as an artist. Submitting and having his works published through international magazines and e-zines while simultaneously, creating photo-manipulation tutorials on the web, through the popular Photoshop tutorial website: Photoshop Tutorials where he is a primary contributor.

At present, he had his works exhibited in the American University Museum in Washington D.C., and in the Art Dimensions Gallery in Missouri, USA. His works were also showcased in an International Art Fair in the Philippines called Manilart through the Kulay-Diwa Gallery of Philippine Contemporary Art where he also had his first solo exhibit last August 2010. Last September 25, 2010, he won the First prize in the Digital Art category for the Chianciano International Award given by the Art Museum of Chianciano Terme in Italy.

Artist statement

Life has always been a fascination to me; from those inevitable school fights during the elementary years to those wild days of puberty; from the lonesome people in the parks to the 8-inched mo-hawked people during concerts; from feeling someone else’s warmth to dealing with the blackness within.

There were a lot of emotions – pain, happiness, love and warmth, glory, success, failures, torture, jealousy, excitement, rage, pride. All these converged and met at a common point in time and space and created who I am, what I want to explore and what I hope to achieve.

Vast images come to my mind each day as a result of the radical emotions that fill me in each heartbeat. I try to recreate it as soon as I could by combining photographs of people and places and adding in my techniques in illustration to recreate those concepts in mind. At times, I add in textures of walls, object surfaces or even crumpled paper to supplement the emotion and the atmosphere.

I forge these images and try to relate them to the popular tales of human drama. I often try to recreate these stories by illustrating my own interpretations of these emotions, but every so often, I recreate them through symbolic representations.

When I started, I wasn’t aware that I started a quest: so for now, until I decide to stop, I will try to free people’s minds, and allow them to withdraw from reality and give them the opportunity to dig into a wild roller coaster of a vivid dream.

You can visit Michael Vincent Manalo website at for more info about him. Also, you can view more of his creative works on Devianart, Behance and Facebook


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8 Responses

  1. Michael Vincent Manalo says:

    Thank you so much! I am really honored!

  2. beautiful conceptual photographs. so surreal

  3. Darla Cox says:

    I had to share the Artist of the Day on Google on my page. I was simply taken back and awestruck by the two photos I saw on there. I literally couldn’t breath for a moment. I can not recall a time that iI have been so strongly affected by such art work. You have an amazing natural talent and an obviously deep passion. Thank you for letting us be a part of something so magnificent!

    • Darla Cox says:

      That would be my facebook page I was referring to in the last comment. Sorry 🙂 See how disoriented I am from the “WOW!” factor of seeing your work 😀

      Darla Cox, Santa Rosa, CA