6 Reasons that make Minimalist Design a key to great websites

With a sky-rocketing competition prevalent in the world of online business, a large group of money-making organizations have shifted their attention towards development of websites which contain a simple and minimalistic design. Whether it’s about honing the existing brand identity or building one from scratch, a minimalistic website has been successful in grabbing the eye-balls of a large number of targeted customers.

Through this blog, I’ll be sharing six solid reasons that make the use of minimalist web design, a perfect approach for building visually appealing and highly commendable websites.


Minimalist Web Design- A brief on its history

Regarded as one of the most crucial design revolutions of the 20th and 21st century, minimalist design has successfully penetrated ample number of fields ranging from gaming and hardware designs to visual designs etc. Minimalism basically refers to the design trend that started out in the 20th century and continues to hold its significance among novice as well as professional web designers. Minimalist web design includes the use of the most basic and superfluous colors, elements, shapes and textures. The sole aim of minimalist design is to offer a calm experience to the website visitor. A clean and minimal web design also serves as a great tool for branding. Right from focusing on designing the logo of the site to creating a cohesive brand image, a minimalist web design approach allows you to build a website that works as a great add-on to your brand promotional strategy.

And now, the 6 reasons that make Minimalist web design a sure-shot tool for building eye-catchy websites

Reason No.1- An improved website readability


Research has shown that people don’t prefer spending a lot of time on reading each and every piece of content that’s been included within the website. They usually scan the page for gathering quick information. By building the website using a minimalist web design, you can effectively increase the readability quotient of your web pages.

Reason No.2- Easy and quick navigation


The better the navigation of your website, the more would be the count of people visiting your site. Loading your web pages with too many elements might simply confuse or frustrate your users. Hence, it is better to employ a minimalist web design for creating your website. Doing this will enable you to frame the site’s navigation in a way that the users would find it quite convenient to navigate from one web page to another within least amount of time. Unlike the cluttered and busy layouts, clear and simple ones will make it simpler for users to access different areas within your website in a hassle-free way.

Reason No.3- An opportunity to equip your website with plenty of white spaces

The usage of minimalist web design allows you to have plenty of white spaces within your website. These white spaces would allow the visitors to relax and become much more receptive and open to all the information that you intend to convey via the site. One of the greatest advantages of white spaces is that they aid in making the more important information stand out from the remaining website content. As an approach to create white spaces within the web pages, it’s important for you to get rid of some elements including the ones mentioned below:-

  •  Lists with the headings: Popular, Featured and Recent
  • Taglines/Introductions and supplementary information
  • Secondary navigation pages
  • Pages containing more than 3 sections viz: About, Introduction and Services

    Reason No.4- Easier to update the website on a regular basis

By minimizing the use of colors and patterns within a web design, the designers can easily render a perfect touch to the websites. This is something that’s been regularly done for the news websites where the digital publishers have to highlight the new content and condense the older one in the form of a list view. So, the CMS(Content Management System)-based websites which require frequent updation of content must be designed using the minimalist web design.

Reason No.5- A fabulous means of instilling customers’ confidence in your business organization

While a cluttered website layout can easily confuse/frustrate your visitors, one that’s built using the minimalist approach can easily imbibe the feeling of trust within the people who’re a bit reluctant in dealing with your company just because they have visited your website for the very first time.

Reason No.6- Visually less complex websites are simple to process

It has been proven scientifically that websites which contain lesser number of complex elements are considered more beautiful and functionally-rich. The sole reason for this being that designing using the minimalist web design doesn’t require the developer to strain his/her eyes and brain while coding and performing all the other activities related to web design process.

Wrapping Up

Minimalist web design is the latest trend in the web design industry. In sync with the growing popularity of minimalist designs, it’s time for you to ensure that your online portal is equipped with simple and clear alignments, color schemes and patterns, making it easy for the visitors to explore your site in a thorough manner.

Author Bio: Maria Mincey is a prolific writer, who brings to the table a quantum of knowledge around Web Design and Web Development Services. She works for Xicom Technologies, a Software Development Company which delivers most comprehensive web applications and solutions for different industry verticals




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  1. Eric Thompson says:

    The best part of this is the White Space usage. It allows the user to focus on what they want to see, not what they have to see anyway. Its like driving your car on an empty highway. But the coders need to make sure they don’t have to compromise on Content.