Moon Photography with a Style

Lonely, stress, heart broken or just relaxing over your rooftop drinking beer and the only companion is the moon. The moon is the only thing you look and talk to when you have this kind of emotions and feelings, sometimes you tend to grab a camera and take a shot of it. most people becomes good in composing and creativity when they got drunk he-he-he that happens to me. my imagination keeps popping when i am alone and having a drink. it means photography are for people who get drunk also.

Moon comes with different shapes, shoot every shape and compile them into one image, this will make more powerful and interesting view of the moon if you upload and print. Therefore no boring and flat photo of the moon.

Here is a sample image that i am talking about: shoot every shape then use Photoshop to put them together into one file.

If you compare a single moon shot to the 1st image above which will most likely to attract attention?

Merging in Photoshop requires basic knowledge to do this style because the background is black so a simple erase tool will do the trick.

Mars Cureg

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  • Leah

    Mind blowing!!!!! I am stunned by how great are these images. I am very impressed with the creativity. Definitely I’ll try out. Thanks for sharing.

    • I myself stunned with those photos

  • shut

    very nice concept!! ^^