Nature-Inspired Designs: Tips

There is nothing more beautiful in a creative design that imagery inspired by nature. Whether it is the treeline of a forest, the sun glinting off a stream or a hedge of flowers, it can create a breathtaking design without any real effort. Simply because the concept is one of complexity and depth just by its very existence.

If you are hoping to start utilizing nature in your own designs, no matter what it is for, you can use these tips to get you started.

Tip #1: Remember That There Is More To Nature Than Plant Life

nature inspired designs: details

Obviously plants make amazing subjects for any art piece. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing else to look at, and the whole flowers and trees thing is horribly overdone. Which is why it pays to actually look beyond that and see what else nature has to offer.

Animals, insects, mountain ridges, bodies of water…these all make dynamic subjects for a nature design. Get creative with closeups to take advantage of details.

Tip #2: Take Advantage Of Motion

nature inspired designs: motion

Things in nature move, a lot. But this gives you a fantastic opportunity to capture a living scene. Rushing water is an especially fantastic effect, as it sort of blurs as it moves, or breaks up into amazing shapes.

But you can also look at things like insects flying, or birds, or even animals running. Just make sure you are using a setting that is made to steady movement. Otherwise it will come out completely blurred.

Tip #3: Play With Color

nature inspired designs: colors

Nature is full of rich color. Greens, purples, pinks, blues, yellows and golds are seen all over the place, among others. But sometimes natural color just doesn’t quite cut it. Which is where editing can come in handy, as you enhance the natural color of various portions of your picture.

If this isn’t your thing and you want a more abstract or creative picture, try taking risks and coming up with your own colors to overlap the images. Remember that this is art. You have no restrictions or limitations.

Tip #4: Use Wide Sweeps and Distance Shots

nature inspired designs: wide sweeps

Sometimes capturing an entire landscape can make an incredible backdrop for a design. Stand somewhere from a good distance and shoot a field, or an ocean, or a mountainside. Maybe stand at the top of a hiking trail and her the entire cliff from the top to the bottom.

This will limit the detail, but the inclusion of the entire area can really make up for that, and give the viewer more to look at. This is especially good for stock photos.

Tip #5: Don’t Shoot Straight

nature inspired designs: perspective

You have an entire catalog of perspective you can explore. Shooting straight is great for some things, but you don’t have to limit yourself. Try laying on the ground, or looking up. Capture nature from a different angle to give you more creative license when you go tot he design phase.

I once saw a set of photographs the artist had done by hanging upside down from a tree branch.


You have so many options for creating a gorgeous nature-based design. Just use your imagination and really explore your options, and you will be in good shape.

Annie is a creative photographer and blogger for Square Deal, the best provider of ProFlowers Coupons.

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