The Art of Non-Rectangle Business Card Design

Basically, if you hear the word business card, what shape immediately comes into our mind? Rectangle, yes, a business card is rectangular cards bearing business information about a company or individual. Nowadays, with the help of creativity and playful minds, rectangle shapes of business card have evolved and there were new shapes being introduced.

Let us dissect more with the rectangular shape of conventional business card, with this shape it is easier for a designer to have the entire element inside the design area, and when it comes to printing, it would be easier for printing company to have this shape as it requires only print and cut.

Now the creativity comes and rounded corners business cards have arise. From the designer to business card printing company, it requires a consistency as for the designer have to consider on how to position the element into a rounded content area. When it comes to printing process, consider getting your business cards printed by a company using the most high-tech printing machineries and technology. Visit

Below are great collection of not so rectangle business card to inspire you in your next project of business card.

Mars Cureg

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  • SEO services

    Mars great collection of b-card non-rectangular designs Thanks for sharing

  • dlysen

    Name Card printing is one of my source of income. I print very common and ordinary card that most people can afford. I’m thinking when can I able to produce these types of card.

  • Very innovative, unique and the idea is taken out of the box. Very impressive design with sleek character. These card designs will surely market you well.

    • when we come up with the non traditional thing, it will always end up to innovation 🙂

  • Jeremy

    Interesting article – thanks for sharing these cards!

  • Khalid Janjua

    Nice article

  • Search engine optimisation seo

    Business card is the thing that most people will remember you for. Make it look good and they will consider you as a good and reliable partner, make it look bad and you won’t look good either. I believe that choice of a card for the right business is really important. Sometimes you want them elegant with strong black/silver shades, some times colorful and this is usually the place where a lot of people make mistakes by making their company look either too uptight or too relaxed. In short, choose a card that suites your job and not necessary the one that looks best.