Online Branding: Website Design Speaks about Your Business Brand

The dynamics of business has changed in the last two decades. Businesses are no longer restricted to being brick and mortar entities limited to certain geography but are more globalized by their approach. In such a scenario, a good business website becomes must for any business, not just to provide the needs of their existing customers but also to attract new ones. Owing a business website has become one of the prerequisite for any business either for small startups or large multi-national corporations. It won’t be wrong to say that without a website you start with fewer tools which can be the biggest mistake that you may have to pay for.

 Building a good business website in today’s world has become very easy as compared to the past. There are lots of open source content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla which helps you in creating websites from the scratch. The greatest advantage of using these tools is that, you will be able to publish and manage the content of your website and that too without touching the codes. In short, you don’t need to be a techno geek to manage your website.

 Advantages of Website Adds To Your Brand

A business website helps you in promoting your products and services. A vast majority of customers use the Internet as a research tool before making final the decision to buy a product or services. So, having a user friendly and good looking website will give you the edge.

  • Internet is one of the most powerful marketing tools with an unlimited reach. You can start a viral campaign using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This also works out as the cheapest marketing medium as compared to the print and electronic media tools. By using your website as a medium, you can create a buzz about products before it is launches on the market.
  • A well-built website lets you to get connected with your customers and solve their queries easily. It also gives them a good platform to study your products and services in detail and that too comfortably sitting in their homes and offices. You will work in a proactive manner using FAQs instead of attending phone calls and replying lots of queries.
  • Customer confidence about your business is also boosted when you have a website. A well designed and developed website convinces the customer that you are serious about your business.
  • With the use of ecommerce you will be able to sell your products and services online. This will help you in targeting newer markets which could be thousands of miles away from you. Being an end to end digital medium of sale it also proves to be a cost effective platform.
  • If you are a small business, a beautifully designed website will give you a level playing field to take on your giant counterparts. You won’t be able to match them when it comes to offline campaign but can score the edge with a website.
  • A website gives you round the clock global presence. Your customers can research on your business at any time by accessing your website which isn’t possible with any other medium.

Web Designing Tips for Brand Building


  • Uniqueness – If your website doesn’t look unique among thousands of websites in the web market, the most you can achieve is a small part of the shared traffic. Your website thus needs to be unique as far as its looks and design is considered. For better and quality services, opt for custom web design services instead of using a freely available template. Although it might cost a little more, but it will add a lot to your brand value.
  • Work on The Logo – A logo is one of the most important features of your website. This is what your customers identify you with. Work on your existing logo to make sure it looks good and place it is located on your website.  If you still don’t have a logo for your business, get one created by the professional web designer.
  • Color Scheme – Does your business already have a theme color? If yes then make sure that your website also use the same color scheme as your customers may identify it as your brand. If you don’t have any one, use a color which is soothing to viewer’s eyes. The contrast between the background and the texts should allow easy viewing. Avoid highly bright or dark shades for the website’s background.
  • Use Images/Animations – A picture is worth a hundred words. If you are a product based company, you need to make sure that there should be appropriate use of images on your site. This will help your customers in gathering information about your products and make the final decision to purchase it.  You can use simple 2D animations on the website as they are very eye catchy.
  • Consistency – There should be consistency in the theme, the fonts and color scheme used in your website. You can create a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for this as it will ensure that these factors are consistent even if you publish content of varied lengths in your website. 
  • Navigation – This is another important aspect to work on when it comes to web development process. Users should find it easy to navigate from one page to another page or from one section to another section in the website.  The website should be logically divided into sections and sub-sections for easier navigation.
  • Be Informative – A good business website must be highly informative. You need to clearly announce what your business stands for and what are your core areas of competence. Make sure you have an ‘About’ and ‘Contact Us’ page on your website. This makes your website look authentic and reliable. Avoid single page websites with long scroll down as they look more like blogs and act as a turn off for your visitors.
  • Add Apps – Internet applications have become a part and parcel of a good website these days, so you need to make adequate use of them for your own advantage. If you are running a hotel business, adding an application related to local weather updates will add gloss to your website. In case of a financial website, it could be live market or currency updates.
  • Support and Feedback – You should incorporate a good feedback and support mechanism in your website. You can use a simple feedback form or a live chat support where all the customers’ queries get resolved in real time. The feedback form can be divided into different categories if you have a large pool of products or services under your brand name.

 A website thus plays a very important role when it comes to marketing your business and building a brand. Your website needs to signify the core values of your business; it should make your customers feel as they find answers to most of their queries in an interactive way.  Make sure that you hire the services of a good web design company to meet all the needs of your business. A professional company will be able to provide you with the much needed edge in the highly competitive Internet market. You will not only compete with your local rival but with those around the world and you website needs to stand apart and be counted. is a specialized PSD to HTML Conversion Company, backed with years of experience and diligent professionals. We also offer software implementation service like PSD to Magento , PSD to WordPress, PSD to Joomla and PSD to Drupal and much more.

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