Passion in Food and Design, You got a mouth watering Typography

Yenue is an independent designer based in London specializing in the creation of images and words.  He experiments with new formulas to offer fresh illustrations, advertisements, editorials and animation. Starting from ideas, letters and elements to create design solutions where unique styles are a must. 

This stimulates a deep passion for what he does and makes him excited about what will be his next new approach.

One of his latest masterpiece in Behance is the Typography & food. Here is what he says about the project

I worked on several prints to experiment with new techniques and to enjoy being more creative, which was a pleasure for me as it allowed me to mix some of my passions: food and design. The basic thought behind the prints is to offer new views of how typography can reach different extremes, constantly trying to make texturing and the letters in a surreal manner, where the observer is in a state of confusion as to if it is real or not. So please have a tour through my imagination and enjoy yourself….and sorry if you feel hungry





Delicatessentypography-food04[bha size=’468×60′ variation=’01’ align=’aligncenter’]

Mars Cureg

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