Photography Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram is a visual platform where the photography plays the major role. With the rising numbers of daily users who are active in this social media platform, you need to understand some essential photography tips to attract the audience.

Communicate With Target Audience:  Proper interaction with target audience is required, after posting your content in Instagram. Instead of interacting only with your present network, you can build new network, by following, liking or commenting on their posts. You can follow the followers in the same niche and even follow your competitors.

Maintain Consistency:   If you are displaying the products or services of your business with the help of Instagram, make sure that you maintain consistency with your content. When you are following a specific style, the audience will understand what to expect and you are sure what actually you will be delivering.


High Quality Posts:  Make sure you are posting high quality pictures through Instagram. You can use the CHAIRED acronym for maintaining the standards of your posts.

C- Crisp or Concise

H- Humorous or Funny (funny activities of your babies or pets)

A- Amazing or Wonderful (attractive picture that creates wonder)

I-Intimate or Close (personal posts from life)

R- Relevant (related to your target audience)

E-Engaging (asking questions to the audience about your posts)

D-Diverse (Not only the pictures, posting short videos also)

Schedule Your Posts:  Frequent posts can be time consuming as well as difficult. So, you can schedule your posts according to your convenience. You can even invest for an app known as the Schedugram. This tool can help you in scheduling your posts in the right manner. Though an additional monthly charge is required for using this tool, the investment is really worthy.

Never Focus Only On Numbers:  Your success should not only depend on the number of the likes and the followers. For detailed information, you can visit Some posts may do better than the others. But you do not have to worry about that. Every post may not attract the same amount of likes. If the new post is not receiving half of the engagement that you generally obtain from other posts, you should not abstain yourself from posting further. Numbers are just helping you to take decisions, but you should not become their slaves.

Integrate With Other Social Media Platforms:   To keep up with the pace of this web marketing world, you need to integrate with other social media platforms for the time saving purposes. When you are posting manually through Instagram, your Facebook account must be linked with that. This will help in posting the images in the timeline of Facebook account also. The Facebook algorithm is Instagram friendly in nature and therefore there will be no problem.

Promote Your Products:  Try to promote your products through the Instagram account and never over-market them. Therefore, you should not provide reminder posts every two or three hours.

Post On Best Times:  You must find the best times for posting and therefore take your actions accordingly. According to your experiences and intuition, you should find out when your target audience are mostly active. It can be early in the morning before going for work or before retiring to bed. Sometimes at time of lunch or afternoon, users can check up with their Instagram updates.

As every business is different from each other, you need to understand your requirements properly. You need to attract your audience and keep them engaged through your Instagram posts. So, be unique and try to come up with your own strategies of marketing. In this way, you can have fun in the social media platforms by developing your own voice.

Author Bio:  Evans walsh is a social media professional working with Here, he is offering some photography tips for quality content in Instagram.


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    Oh, my sister does not able to make photos. But she has ten thousands followers already. It seems that the content does not make a sense. She is using some program called zen-promo (com?) to get her followers, so I think this is the way too.

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