Driving The Promotion Train: How To Promote A Product With Maximum Efficiency

So, what is the goal in small business, medium-sized business, and large corporations? Are the goals different depending on what the size is of the company is? In essence, no. We all have the same outcome, and that is exposure on a large level. Business is all about driving a profit to make more product, and whether that is a physical product, or a platform-based one, like a blog or a podcast, the fundamentals are always the same. It’s the marketing that needs to be made. If you have a marketing plan that is solid and well thought-out, it will see you through to the end product. Breaking down a marketing plan or strategy encompasses these five principles:

Making your resources, or implementing what you have at your disposal. Generating useful leads and increasing the catchment area of your company or product. Making sure that the right type of platforms is chosen for adequate exposure. 

Delivering or producing the content, whether that is by using a magento agency to provide your platform if you work in ecommerce, or by using WordPress to house a blog. Keeping ahead of the curve by knowing the current trends in the market or tech.

Using these overarching principles when creating your marketing plan will give you focus on what you want your outcome to be and will prevent the temptation to copy or steal existing models. Don’t forget that it’s your product, and being underhanded in your execution of your product will only serve to alienate you from those that you may need as your allies down the line.

Going back to point three, everyone is very much aware of the sway that having a particular following on Twitter or Facebook can do for your product or business. Ultimately, it’s a brand that you are presenting to the world, and you are that brand. If you are a blogger, it’s your personality, if you are a business selling items, it is still the personality that you need to communicate. And the power of being on the right platform for your product cannot be underestimated. One great way to do this now is to get in the podcasting industry.

So, what is the best way to infiltrate the podcasting structure? Firstly, it goes back to being totally aware of what your image or brand is. As podcasting is such big business, it is difficult to get to your Marc Marons when you are a small time blogger, but they say in art the best way to get work is to make your own. Starting your own podcast is amazingly simple to do, or the other option is to sponsor other podcasts. This is a great way to draw traffic to your website, as many podcasters rely on sponsors to keep their podcasts up and running, a health podcast like Bulletproof Radio has a different sponsor each episode and the product is spoken of in some detail by the host and is linked to an offer that the sponsor is giving exclusively to listeners of that podcast.

Marketing is an essential business cog, whatever you are promoting, so think about it and get your plan airtight.

Mars Cureg

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