Protect Your Design Work: Most Useful Watermarking Tools

A watermark is an image or signet that manufacturers imperceptibly add to a piece of paper as an identifying mark that protects copyright.In the industry of the printing process prior to the digital era, paper manufacturers had to cut a rubber die and place it on a large drum. They would add sulfuric acid to wood pulp in a vat of water to break down the fibers of the wood, which created a substance called slurry.

Manufacturers could pour the slurry onto a screen. As it dried, the slurry would begin to form paper. At this point, the manufacturers could pull the slurry through two drums, and the one with the rubber die cut would press the water from the paper, resulting in the watermark.

In today’s world of digital printing, the process to create a watermark has changed. You can use several tools to watermark paper or photographs.

WaterMark 0.0.1

WaterMark 0.0.1

Price: free

WaterMark, an open-source image tool, uses Java code and allows you to edit on digital images. The WaterMark 0.0.1. can batch-handle dozens of photos. With WaterMark, you can do four things:

  • Select a base image;
  • Select a watermark;
  • Select the watermark position;
  • Select the output file.

Fast Water Mark

Fast Water Mark

Price: free

BiggerBids Watermarking Tool provides numerous features, including the ability to set an image as the watermark. This lets you add your logo to an image. BiggerBids Watermarking Tool offers more features for handling and manipulating the watermark than some of the other tools available. Its features include the following things:

  • The ability to align the watermark;
  • The option to set margins;
  • The possibility to re-size the watermark image.



Price: free (online)

PicMarkr is a watermarking tool that is popular with the Flickr crowd. It offers aminimalist design scheme,typical and unique colors, andsimple layouts.PicMarkr’s unique precision options make it a very powerful watermarking tool. It can watermark multiple images at once but usually has about a 25-megabyte limit. PicMarkr has the capability to do several things:

  • It can grab images from a hard drive;
  • It can add text;
  • It can tile the watermark;
  • It can resize the image.

Visual Watermark

Visual Watermark

Price: $19.95 (with free trial)

The Visual Watermarking software tool places significant watermarks onto paper or photographs. This protects, of course, from unauthorized use. This tool has a “batch mode” so the user can protect groups of photos rather than doing the process photo by photo.

With this tool, you can add a transparent color watermark to digital photos. The watermark can be your copyright, the URL of your site, or your logo. The advantages in using the Visual Watermarking Tool are many, but let’s look at a few of them:

  • You can edit any particular watermark in a graphical interface;
  • You can save a particular watermark for use in a different project;
  • You can rotate or make watermarks with more detail to add more protection.

Watermarking may have gotten its defining name from an industry in by-gone days for a different purpose, but today its use has broadened and become essential in the world of Internet interfacing. With watermarking tools, you can quickly add information to your work to protect your copyright.

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