Quick Tutorial – Glow Your Focal

This is an advanced quick tutorial made by Ian Jasper Reyes[Vinc]. I just want to share some tutorials for you guys.

I hope this will help you alot. ENJOY!





So, what are we waitin for.. let’s get it on!

First.. so we have our stock image here.. named Layer 1 copy

Duplicate that layer so we’ll have Layer 1 copy 2..

While Layer 1 copy 2 selected in the layers palette go to Filter > Artistic > Neon Glow

See the image below as reference on the settings

Click OK to apply the filter fx…

After that.. Go to Window > Channels..

Hold CTRL on you keyboard + Left Click the Blue Channel thumbnail with the mouse.

See the image below as reference..

While the selection still on.. Go back to the Layers Palette..

(Temporarily disable the visibility of Layer 1 copy & Layer 1 copy 2 by clicking the eye icon beside their thumbnails)

Create a new layer on top of Layer 1 copy 2

We now have the newest layer named Layer 1 on the Layers Palette.

(Its just a little bit confusing that the stock image layer was named as Layer 1 copy.).

Select the newest layer (Layer 1) to be sure it’s the active layer we are working on..

Select the Paint bucket tool. Set Orange as your foreground color…

.. paint inside the selection..

then you can now remove the selection,..by pressing CTRL+D.

You should now have the same result as shown in the image below..

Then Apply Outer Glow fx on Layer 1.. See the image below as reference on the settings..

Then.. press CTRL+ Left click the thumbnail of Layer 1 with the mouse to select its opacity.

See the image below..

Then while the selection still active..

Create a New layer.. so we now have a new layer named Layer 2.

Be sure that the Layer 2 is also the active layer..if not.. click or select it.

Select the Paint bucket tool..Set white as your Foreground color.. Paint inside the selection.

Then press CTRL+D to deselect the selection.

Set the Blending Mode of Layer 2 to Overlay.

Duplicate Layer 2 then Set its Opacity to 50%.

See the image below as reference.

Wow.. We are nearly on the goal..

To enhance the glow on the desired parts..

Create a New layer..

So we have now Layer 3 on the Layers palette..

Set its Blending mode to Screen.

While Layer 3 still the active layer..

Select the Soft Round brush.

Set the Foreground color to Orange.

Then paint on your desired body parts to have it glow.

In this tutorial.. i painted on its knees and left elbow.

See the image below as reference.

Then finally..

Remember our stock image? its name was Layer 1 copy right..?

Bring it on top of all the layers..

Then re-enable its visibility by clicking on the empty small box beside its thumbnail.

Then mask the parts where you want the fx we created to appear..

See the image below as reference..

Well.. that’s it! hope you enjoyed my qiuck simple tutorial.. 

Vinc – DistortedPixel

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  • sows

    what version are you using? newbie in photoshop. hoho. 🙂

    • i am using cs5 mate, keep reading the next time you comment here your already a pro 🙂

  • Atlanta Web Design Company

    Cool tutorial!

  • good method