Reasons Why Your Website Design Is A Failure

Most people believe that if your personal style is good, you can be a good website designer. However, everyone has witnessed really absurd website designs that instead of appealing repel the visitor and force them to revert to a different page.

Therefore, it is not necessary that if you have a good personal style you will still be able to design an outstanding website. To design a good website, it is important that you have some knowledge about design conventions. Without know how about these conventions, you might not be able to create an interesting best web designing even if you are a best website design firm.

Therefore, your website might be a failure if you fail to use important website design conventions. Some of the reasons why website designs fail are given below.

1.      Lack of Balance

Balance is the basic premise when designing websites. Balance allows you to connect all elements of the website and create a proper flow. The balance might be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Symmetrical balance is based on equal weight to both sides resulting in a formal and traditional website. An asymmetrical balance means that all elements comprise of different weights leading to a unique and distinguishable website.

2.      Use of Bevel and Emboss

New website designers typically use bevel and emboss a lot. This is because they believe that it will bring a nice effect to their website. However, this is not true. Bevel and emboss should not be abused, rather, these should be used sparingly so as to create an effect. Many useful tutorials exist that allow you to understand how you can transform emboss into a useful and strong technique. However, if you don’t really know how to use bevel and emboss, it is best that you avoid its usage.

3.      Distracting Backgrounds

At times, people use backgrounds that are otherwise very appealing to the eye; however, when used as a background for the website, they may prove to be very distracting. Therefore, if you use a busy and heavy background, it will end up distracting the user. The user would lose the focus and the message of your website will be lost on the user. Therefore, do not use backgrounds that have a higher visual impact than your website. The users would feel that your website provides no specific information and they will leave the website very quickly.

4.      Lack of Detail

Sometimes, users find a website useless because it lacks detail. If you think you have finished everything and covered every aspect of website designing, think again. You might be missing the detail of some minor things. Sometimes, even a professional website design firm might make such a mistake. Therefore, as a rule, always check the website design for small details.

5.      White Space

White space is the space that is created between elements and is important in enhancing the readability and design flow of your website. It is also used to provide a clean look to the website making the website more readable.


Therefore, if you are a new designer, you need to understand these conventions and keep them in mind while designing a website.

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  • Tom, NewEvolution

    For number 2, you should also add the use of a strong drop-shadow effect. 🙂

    • Angie Bowen

      It should really include any photoshop effects, particularly those set to default. Shadows, glows, bevel, emboss, and gradients, they all need to be adjusted depending on the project.

  • dlysen

    There are so many themes and designs available online. Buy a good one that appropriate to your needs. The guidelines above is so true and you have the basis for your choice.

    • ben

      The problem with many design templates is that once you start modifying them to clients needs, you start doing major overhaul to them. If you are buying a template, you have to follow use it exactly how you bought. Once you start changing colors; moving blocks, modifying excerpt text, modifying menus….etc your site starts to lose the punch original template had. When some client comes to me with a template ready in hand that they want modified, I tell them, the price is no different them me designing site from scratch.

  • Website Design And SEO

    CMS sites like joomla and wordpress are very helpful with this type of designing matter. Customization is now available everywhere.

  • cincinnati web design

    Great post, very informative. Hope to read more of your nice articles. Keep writing!

  • Those are fundamental principles on web design, bevel and emboss for example when used inappropriately is already a bad approach on design. good designs are quite refined when it comes to shading or gradients no matter how minimalistic it becomes.