Redesigning Your Site for the New Year

The New Year is quickly approaching. For many of us it sparks an urge for change. We make New Year’s resolutions to improve the way we look and live. For website and blog owners, this could spark the urge to change our sites. With new SEO metrics planned for the year 2012, redesigning your site might be a resolution you will want to make. Here are a few benefits of changing your current site for the New Year.

A Fresh Start:

There are times in website ownership where we feel our sites are outdated, bland, and have just lost their appeal. We get stuck in a rut where we are happy with the traffic we have but wish for more, we like the color scheme, but imagine better. The New Year is great reason to change the face of your site and create a fresh new look and appeal, ultimately creating fresh traffic.


SEO Readiness:

In 2012 there will be many changes to SEO metrics and how a site is ranked. This will affect all the sites that are currently live. We all know you must adapt to the changes in page rank or your site falls behind. Redesigning your site gives you the opportunity to prepare for the changes that are coming. With more emphasis on quality content rather than quantity of pages, you can adapt your site to utilize more quality.


Integrate New Features:

There have been new web design features that have popped up in 2011. Widgets, gadgets, and apps have been created to make your site more user-friendly, less cluttered, and more appealing to your followers. Many of us have spent all year putting off the addition of these features. Redesigning for 2012 will give you the chance to add these features, integrate more social features to spark interaction on your site, and increase conversion rates.

Opportunity for Migration:

It seems the popularity of WordPress boomed in 2011, yet there are many who have yet migrated to this easy to use platform. Use this time to make the move and see what the buzz is about. WordPress offers easy updating, scheduling, and a plethora of SEO tools and widgets to make your site more successful and easier to manage.


Take a New Direction:

The internet is always evolving and changing. Often our interests change as well. If you have lost interest in your site’s theme or niche, the New Year may offer a new direction for you. Determine if your site still interests you and the people who visit. If you have another idea for it, implement it in 2012 and regain your interest in your site.


Re-establish Marketing:

Marketing techniques change with the internet. Keywords, meta-tags, SEO strategies, and even social media trends are constantly moving in other directions. By redesigning your site you will be in the mode to change your marketing with it. Take this time to go over the effectiveness of your keywords, Adwords, and social media standings. Tweak whatever is needed for the coming year and increase your traffic.



Many site owners are unsure of when the time is right to monetize their sites and blogs. If you have been putting it off now could be the time. Explore your options in affiliate marketing and advertising and monetize your blog for 2012 revenue.


The New Year promises many changes in the internet and how sites are perceived. If you are currently on the fence about changing your site, its direction, or how you market it, use the New Year as a reason to get things done and redesign. A fresh start for a fresh year may just be what your site needs.


Mark Williams has been in the web design Melbourne, Australia industry for over ten years and loves to share his ideas. As a freelance writer, he is able to bring a fresh perspective on many topics like this one.


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