20+ Remarkable Sticker Design Examples for Inspiration

Are you thinking of changing your current business sticker design that had lasted for years? Any business venturing into this very competitive world must really make sure that they are equipped with the best ways on how to make their industries stand out from the crowd. Companies are very keen in selecting ways and means on how to advertise their products or services. They are tremendously using exemplary designs that will really catch their potential customers’ attention, making them more familiar with the brand that they are endorsing.

One of the most effective advertising tools that they adapt is by using stickers. These stickers had been used for so long by the early players in the commercial world to show the name of their products. That’s why, since then stickers had been one of the best promotional strategies enormously used by any company. Aside from the fact that it comes from various sizes, shapes and colors, you may have the freedom to put any design that you want that will bring out the best of your creativity.

Companies nowadays are increasingly adapting the online sticker printing as they continue to adhere to their goals and that is to enhance their brand reputation. This service allows businesses to showcase their stickers with exquisite designs that will give a lasting impact to their customers. Not to mention that these stickers doesn’t worn out easily and it can be fixed everywhere on any solid material but most likely people do affix it in their houses and some do post it in a public area where it will be more noticeable.

Stickers design must not be overlooked as this will greatly impact the marketing strategy that you want to impose. In order to make a successful sticker-based advertising campaign you must have to consider the best color, size as well as the design that will better project your line of products. This strategy will lead to a more extraordinary awareness of what you really would like people to know and identify your products or services compared to the rest.

So to give you some remarkable samples of various sticker designs try to check these cool designs below:


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  • Craig

    Great stickers! I especially love number 6 and the one with “Let’s Play”. And it’s true what it says about business and advertising these days.

  • Stickers can be use in different ways but they mostly use for fun purpose but custom stickers is the cheap way to advertise your business. You provide great inspired stickers designs they all are looking awesome. I really like the last one.

  • Amazing sticker’s collection you share with blog readers. Stickers can help leave amazing impression on your customers and target audience. Advertising companies spending lot of money including billboards, signs & flyers because it’s cheap way to market in local market.