Responsive Web Development Approach: Our Take on Effective Web Development Project Management

At Active Collab, we’re often inquired by our clients about our approach for an effective web development project management. Firstly, the key to successful execution of any web management project is not to consider it as a “chore”. For responsive web development, look at the project as an opportunity to create  designs that appeal to the senses and is kept within budget. As long as web developers maintain their interest, they will be able to complete the tasks within the deadlines.

Read on to know our approach for managing a web development project that ensures the highest level of acuity and dedication.

Our Responsive Approach for Web Project Management

Our web development project management approach ensures that multiple projects can be handled simultaneously and the work is completed by considering the economics and time constraints. Here is how we are able to deliver responsiveness:

  • We divide a holistic project into tasks and assign these web design tasks to teams. Then we simply prioritize the work accordingly;
  • We determine a pragmatic completion time for the achievement of individual team goals and the ultimate milestone, which is synchronized with the calendars to issue alerts;

We’ve made budgeting and financial management more simple right where it matters by:

  • Integrating the project management software with Xero Integration and QuickBooks for creating invoices;
    • Budgeting according to the tasks; and
    • Monitoring cancelled, paid and unpaid invoices;
  • We regularly update the project management software to fix, bugs, enhance the reporting and financial functions associated with the web design projects; and
  • We ensure that there is active communication between the team members and the clients through a single platform. We accomplish this by encouraging feedback from the clients and discussions amongst the team members relevant to the web design project.

How We Utilize the Features to Ensure Dexterity and Responsiveness for Web Design Management

Personalize the Dashboard

The workflows of any web design project ought to be seamless, which can only be done if the processes defined in the web management software are simple and easy. Our software is designed in a personalized way, which allows all the interested parties to upload work and monitor progress ­– both administrative and technical on a single platform. Yet, everyone is allowed to customize their dashboard to track their timelines, open notifications, and examine the future tasks.

Handle Various Projects

Our software allows you to handle different projects simultaneously. The users can add descriptions about the projects and activate filters to browse through different projects. Here are some of things that a user can do related to the management of several projects:

  • Perform the budgeting of the projects;
  • Assign phases to the project currently being executed to track the progress; and
  • Get an overview of the ongoing projects on the Active Collab software.


Our project management software can grant limited access to the clients so that they can provide valuable feedback. The users can create discussions, comment, set reminders, upload documents, and keep a track of everything that happens in relation to a task.

Our proactive and dexterous approach allows people using our software to meet the expectations of our clients. Throughout the web design project, our software guarantees that there is transparency in financial, budgeting and technical tasks. The strong collaboration and personalization keeps the interested parties actively moving towards the completion of the project.

About the Author: Rachel is currently working as the vice president of communications in Active Collab. After finishing her master’s degree in Communications from Johns Hopkins she pursued a career in the digital industry, most notably in marketing and public relations.

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