Revenge in Yellow: 25 Pop Art Designs of Kill Bill

The Kill Bill films are made from disparate cinematic styles to produce a cohesive epic fueled by revenge. However, whereas the incorporation of Hong Kong martial arts, Italian Spaghetti western, and Japanese chanbara in the film is ripe for critical study, the films have become undeniably popular because of their ultraviolence – a hallmark of Quentin Tarantino movies. The bloody fight scenes and the psychology involved in the captivating sword battles serve the purpose of advancing the storyline and, more importantly, entertaining the hell out of moviegoers.

In honor of Kill Bill, below are awesome fan-made designs that best capture the film’s path to revenge in bright red and yellow colors:

Minimalist poster depicting “The Bride,” played by Uma Thurman, in yellow up against the Crazy 88 in black.

Another poster spelling the word “Kill” shows how The Bride has eliminated all of her enemies in gruesome fashion.

Similar to the poster above, it displays the causalties in Kill Bill Vol. II while spelling out “Bill.”

The adage, “there’s no school like the old school,” rings true in this 8-bit graphics-inspired poster design.

Elle Driver, the ruthless femme fatale played by Daryl Hannah, and her red theme plays the yang to The Bride’s ying.

Black, red, and yellow all over, this typograhic poster design could easily pass as the film’s official poster.

The Bride receives a vector art uplift in one of the movie’s most iconic scenes.

Perhaps the most effective oversimplified narration of Kill Bill Vol. I in graphic design to date.

The artfulness in the film’s violence is best captured by the splash of red in this poster design.

The footprints walking towards the grave foreshadows grim things to come in this minimalist poster design.

The snake in the poster is in reference to the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, the group that The Bride was a part of in the film.

The understated sword slash across heaps of lines on the poster is a rip-roaring interpretation of the film’s action sequences.

This exquisite fan-drawn art features The Bride and O-Ren Iishi’s bodyguard Gogo engaged in a  sword-against-ball-and-chain battle.

An anime-inspired poster profile of Gogo Yubari holding her peculiar choice of weapon along with members of the Crazy 88.

Black and yellow get special treatment in this graphic design depicting another popular shot of The Bride against the Crazy 88.

A glorious alternative design approach to the film, paying homage to Japanese and Chinese movie posters.

Another stunning graphic design of the characters in Kill Bill Vol. I in picturesque images.

Taking a less serious look to the film’s breakneck vioence is this cartoonish design of characters in the first Kill Bill.

Elle Driver, rocking her nurse outfit, hides behind the purity and playfulness of white this design art.

A comic-inspired graphic design of the three of the most cutthroat characters in the move: The Bride, Elle Driver, and Bill.

A romanticized version of O-Ren Iishi’s blood-soaked destiny with a touch of anime.

The minimal approach of black outline amidst white background to designing O-Ren Iishi becomes her.

The Bride gets her Japanese art treatment full-on against the Crazy 88 once again in this brutal Manga rendition.

This unpolished vintage-style poster puts The Bride, a.k.a Beatrix Kiddo, in her ferocious element.

Elle Driver, a.k.a. Californian Mountain Snake, gets her much-deserved close-up in this vicious portrait.

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