How to best build the right platform for your online photography gallery

As an artist of any kind it is always a great idea to spread your presence to the online sphere. The Internet is a huge place and can grow your amount of viewers in ways that were not possible before.

This is especially true for photographers. No longer do you have to wait to be accepted to share your photos in an art gallery.

There are a wide range of platforms online today that grant you the power of control in how you present your photographs. There are subscription-based platforms as well as free options, and all of them place great value in the artist’s work.


It is vital that you understand how to best build the right platform for your online photography gallery. By using any one of the sites listed below you will be putting yourself one step ahead of other photographers.

No matter what you are looking for you are sure to find it with the help of this website guide. Use this website guide as a jumping point into the world of online galleries. Feel free to explore other options. Keep in mind what you need, and stay true to your vision as an artist.


If you do not want to waste time learning to code in order to build a solid platform for you photography Orosso is perfect. It allows quick website building and easy to use functions.

Orosso is made for artists to share their portfolios without getting bogged down with the technical side of website construction. Orosso is easy to use because it allows for drag and drop design. There are also many templates to choose from.

You can connect to other social media websites with ease using Orosso’s built in features. There are options for logo making, website music and search engine optimization emphasis.

Pricing for Orosso starts at $24 a month. There are upgraded plans for $29 a month and $34 a month. All are paid annually, and a 14-day free trial is available.


Squarespace is a website building platform that focuses on modern and innovative designs.

Templates are abundant on Squarespace. Each one has a special look to it that can be customized to fit your vision. It is an intuitive interface made for those who do not wish to spend hours coding, but if you would like to do that you can as Squarespace has a deep developer-friendly platform.

What makes Squarespace great for photographers is a single plug-in that makes selling your images simple and beautiful. Integrating your platform into all of your other social media accounts is fast and opens up more possibilities to market your brand.

With Squarespace you also receive reliable hosting, SEO and statistics about your site’s traffic. A free domain name is included with your subscription.

After the 14-day free trial ends you have the option to pay $8 a month in a single annual payment for personal websites, or $18 a month paid annually for a business package. If you wish to pay per month it is $12 and $26 respectively.


If power and simplicity are what you need be sure to check out Zenfolio. Zenfolio is made to accommodate every type of photographer from the professional to the beginner and includes many features that make this a great choice to build your online photography platform.

Creating a website using Zenfolio is easy. There is no coding required. Themes are plenty and can be changed to suit your style. Importing or creating a logo is simple and lends to a more focused branding of you as an artist and photography expert.

Sites made on Zenfolio are responsive. This means that your site will adjust to fit a variety of different screen sizes. It does not matter if your website is viewed on a huge monitor or a tiny mobile device. It will stay consistent and beautiful with no technical hiccups.

A great feature included in membership is mobile site management. You can quickly tune up your website on the go using your mobile device. This is what places this site among the best to develop your online photography gallery.

Selling your photography is easy. You can list your photos, set the price and wait for buyers. Paypal is integrated to ensure fast and secure payments.

Pricing for Zenfolio is $5 a month for the Starter plan, $20 a month for the Pro plan and $30 per month for the Advanced plan. Each one offers more features than the previous one.


Flickr is a great free option if money is tight or you simply want to try out building your online gallery without the risk of losing money.

Flickr puts you into a community of passionate photographers. Social media is integrated so that you can share what you upload with your friends and family on other platforms. You also get access to 1,000 GB of storage without spending a penny making Flickr an excellent choice for plenty of bang for no bucks.

All that you need to start is a Yahoo account. After that uploading and sharing is pain free.

Use Flickr to connect with other photographers and become a part of an active community. This is vital to growing any online presence. Make yourself known while appreciating the work of others.

Even if you use one of the paid services consider adding Flickr to your platforms. It will only bring benefits to you as an artist.


Remember that no matter what you are searching for you can find it if you look. Use this website guide to pick the best place to start building a strong platform for your online photography gallery.

Use what these websites offer and watch as your gallery grows to reach new audiences. Stay true to you and your vision. Build your platform to include that vision.

Developing, maintaining and growing an online photo gallery is now easier than ever, and you will soon discover a wide world of possibilities.

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