SEO Tools to Help you take your Websites to Heights

There are many websites spread over web. However the success depends upon their performance on search engines result. If they have better search results they have good volume of traffic and ultimately more traffic.

If the websites could not do well in search engine they die with time. So if you want your website to perform well and remain healthy work out with search engine tool designed to meet the challenges of the Search engine Optimization. The work of SEO is to work on manual labor, excel and homebrewed systems. It is not easy hence there are number of SEO tools to help the SEO perform well. So whether you are a webmaster or a SEO specialist and looking to give a boost to your website get through these five tools.

Raven’s SEO Tools: It is a well regarded SEO tool in the industry. The best thing about this tool is that it allows you to add logos and domain names to get with them. And if you are a third party firm, it will allow you and your client to have a smooth experience. This online seo tools also incorporate data from the Google analytics and SEM rush hence giving you comprehensive view of SEO progress.

Google Analytics: The successful SEO campaign can be carried only when you have proper strategies and something to show. The SEO tools help you to get through the campaign and make your client understand the traffic and conversations. With tools you can measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Google Analytics makes you available plenty of option and that too free. It is of high quality and easy to use.


Google Minify: Search engines take into account metrics like loading time, page views and speed to decide the ranking. Apart there are crawlers that check out the time spent on the website. Google’s minify tool helps in shrinking your CSS and Java Script to increase the loading time of your page. If you increase the loading time of your page you will gain benefits for mobile user. You will find an increase in the form of mobile users.

SEMRush: It is a keyword research tool which lets you to analyze the keywords of the sites you are working upon. You can also look at the performance of your competitors with this online SEO tools. The SEMRush looks at paid as well as organic search results thus helping you to make strategy on keywords that need to be worked upon. Based on the result you can decide which keywords to work upon and put in the marketing effort. SEMRush also offers tools to export data in common formats, and API as well, thus easily allowing you to integrate with other tools.


SEO Toolbar: It is again a popular tool offered from SEOBook. It plucks directly into Firefox to give you wealth of SEO data available on the page. The use of SEO tool bar has been extensively increased because it allows the access at one place. So, now, no copying and pasting of URL to another tool for the data, thus saving lot of time of the busy webmasters.

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