Seven Most Creative Taxi Advertising Ideas

Advertising is form of marketing that plays a vital role on increasing the sales of a business. People are more familiar with a well advertised business. Hence, that familiarity might lead to more profit. The location of the advertisements is crucial. The more exposed the ads are the better. One good way to place ads is on taxis.

Taxis are everywhere. They are seen on the streets, airports and other places with numerous people. They bring more exposure to the business and they will always be near the prospects. So without further ado, here are the seven creative taxi ads that took taxi advertising to another level.

The Sopranos

            The HBO hit TV series gained more popularity when they placed their ads on taxis. Placing a fake dead man’s arm behind taxis has turned the heads of New Yorkers. It even gained attention worldwide. They made it seem like the arm is from one of Tony Soprano’s victims that’s why the ad made the TV show more appealing.

Sopranos Taxi Advertising


            Everyone in Brazil loved seeing the Saridon ads behind the taxis. A picture of a woman having a headache and the brake lights illuminating her forehead took the streets by storm. They made it seem like it’s really an effective cure for headache.

Saridon Taxi Advertising


            Five years ago, Snickers popularized the word “snacklish”. The word they invented reached the cabs of Manhattan. But instead of “snacklish”, they used the word “snaxi”. Their creativity captured the attention of the New Yorkers and increased their products’ sales.


Milky Way Seat belt

            This Milky Way taxi ad showed everyone that their creativity is out of this world. Their chewy caramel belt and chocolate bar buckle tickled everyone’s curiosity. This sweet ad boosted the marketing of Milky Way. Also, in some ways, it made eating their chocolate bars more enjoyable.



            As people grow old, they lose the sharpness of their memory and start forgetting things. However, this Singapore-based taxi ad is impossible to forget. This ad painted a picture in everyone’s heads not just in Singapore but also all over the world. This memory enhancer ad enhanced their sales by being an eye candy in the streets.



This is probably the cutest taxi ad of all time. Their ad is a picture of a dog facing backwards printed at the back of London’s black cabs. They also designed the wiper as the dog’s tail to create a wagging motion. In this ad, they promoted their pet foods and made people aware of animal friendliness.


Hamleys Toyshop

            Everyone will be astonished if they see a toy car roaming around the city streets. That’s exactly what happened when a black cab designed as a toy car made its rounds in the streets of London. Everyone’s jaw dropped after they see the toy for the big boys cruising in the road. This brilliant ad is simply hard to ignore. It definitely made Hamleys Toyshop unforgettable.


Taxi advertising is the best choice. It’s affordable and effective. Also, they are visible to the public 24/7 and they move from place to place.

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