Slotomania Social Slots App “Review”

Internet and smartphones have transformed the way people use their time.  People no longer surrender meekly to boredom while they wait for their flight to be announced. Instead, they play games like Slotomania on their smartphones.  Slotomania is a social slots app because people can also socialize playing the game.

Why Slotomania?

For starters, this social slot app does not involve real money, so it is not going to make anybody rich, but then, it is not going to make anybody poor either. With Slotomania people can indulge in those tendencies without any guilt because all, they would be losing would be “virtual coins”.


Slotomania, on the other hand, is absolutely free.  What more, there is no time restriction. People can play it any time of the day, even when conventional slot machines are closed for the day. There are 55 of such slot games to choose from. The graphics, colors and music in the background of each such slot game ensure that people do not lose interest in the games. The ambiance created by these graphics and music is quite similar to that found in conventional gaming houses. Many of these games are funny as well, which can help people relax even more. These games are also designed as per varying reflex sets and slot machine playing sets. There are themes as well making it easier for the player to understand what is to be done by winning.

The best thing about slotomania is that it restricts the usage of free coins each day. This means people could borrow, lend, or gift coins to their friends or acquaintances, actually establishing a social circle. There are points to be won. People can share their successes, and even offer virtual gifts.

It is possible to compete on how much is earned in any of the slotting machines of this slot video game in a week or month. This can be a thrilling experience as it can make people take more interest in playing it, and derive as much pleasure as they would in any conventional gaming den. Larger social network ensures, therefore, improves the chances of winning the real life bet of who won in a week or month.

Other Pros

Another advantage of Slotomania slots app is that it improves reflexes and keeps hands busy even at the wheel of fortune spins. It is an acknowledged fact that people playing games think faster or at least they retain the speed of their thinking for a longer period than others who do not indulge in such games. Slotomania has enough built in to ensure that people improve on their alertness.

The last but not the least advantage of Slotomania slots app is that it prevents people from becoming couch potatoes and indulge in boredom eating. With Slotomania Slots app, people would never get bored.

Wrap up

There are many games apps available online these days, and many of them are free as well like Slotomania. But they are not as engaging as Slotomania and not many of them help people increase their social network like this game. Though basically, this game may be just a slot game, it improves the skills of playing at slot machines and can be used for practice before having hands-on experience.


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